Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Welcome back to your very own Modern Manufacturing India! We have been crafting for the past few weeks to present to you the new look of the magazine. Our efforts were sought to bring forth an original as well as familiar descendant of the publication.

With MMI being five years old and well-accepted by the global manufacturing fraternity, there was no need of any dismantlement. We honoured the structure of the magazine, while creating a version as never seen or read before.

In this setting, we have made several alterations with concepts, ideas, typefaces, and page designs. What has not changed is our inquisitive spirit and the resolve to keep evolving our content to achieve the widest reach and create the largest impact.

In this process of metamorphosis, we solicit your valuable thoughts to make your MMI more insightful and interesting.

Without much ado, I sign off to let you peruse this avatar of MMI to keep tabs on the latest technologies and know-hows.


Wishing you all an enriching read!


Modern Manufacturing India



Other people’s words are the bridge you use to cross from where you were to wherever you are  going.

~Zadie Smith

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