TMTS Virtual: First Online Digital Machine Tool Exhibition on November 10

Taichung City, Taiwan – The 6th Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS 2020), has been switched to an online 3D virtual exhibition – TMTS Virtual, due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The virtual maiden event is scheduled for November 10, showcasing the world's first professional online digital machine tool exhibition. The event is hosted by Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association (TMBA), featuring a total of 719 exhibitors and over 100 online virtual showrooms (TMTS Virtual). The professional image of Taiwan’s machine tool industry is reinforced before every visitor through animated design and virtual product display planning.

Many leading brands and well-known manufacturers are presenting their latest products through the online virtual showroom demonstrates the exhibitors’ efforts and ambitions in promoting the machine tool and accessory industry. These companies include HABOR, YCM, VICTOR, CHEVALIER, FFG, SUN FIRM, CAMPRO, KAO MING, KAO FONG, Pinnacle, WELE, Hartford, JIUHYEH, Perfect Machine, Tailift, DOWELL, OCEAN, EVERISING, Gifu, Auto-Strong, Tanshing, PARKSON, SYIC, Earth-Chain, Parfaite, TOPSDISK, SPEED TIGER, PMC, etc.

“With crisis comes opportunities”, pointed Habor Hsu, Chairman, TMBA, and added that the pandemic is the best time for industrial transformation through a smart manufacturing and automation. It is expected that TMTS Virtual can provide a ‘non-contact’ and ‘zero-distance’ connection platform between exhibitors and buyers, for machine tools and accessory. With its accumulated and accurate database of domestic and overseas buyers over the past decade, the virtual exhibition aims to extend exhibitors’ benefits, promote the industry, and attract more business opportunities.

For 3D VR showroom:

For 2D exhibition:

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