ABB India Launches New Series of Smart Metering Solutions to Ensure Optimal Energy Efficiency

Bengaluru, India – ABB India has launched a new series of electrical measuring and power monitoring meters for the digital panel meter market (which is growing at a CAGR of 6 percent globally from 2017-23), to ensure optimal energy efficiency, as energy management is one of the biggest challenges in business applications and has a huge impact on operational costs. With this introduction, the company adds to its existing array of single, multifunction meters, and network analyzers, serving the Panel Meter market in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, infrastructure, and F&B, to name a few.

These smart metering and energy monitoring solutions enable users to make better decisions for monitoring their power consumption. The meters provide basic-to-complete power quality analysis as well as accurate monitoring of energy assets for residential, industrial, and commercial building segments. The newly introduced M1M11, M1M DS, M1M 20B, and M1M 30B cover the main submetering requirements easily and cost-effectively by powering quality monitoring requirements inside commercial and industrial buildings’ power factor correction boards, motor control centres, or sub-distribution switchboards.

The complete M1M range provides the following advantages in submetering:

  • Complete offer: Thanks to integrated functionalities and communication protocols, the same product version can be used for a greater number of projects and a wider variety of applications.
  • Simple and intuitive: It makes configuration and operations simple and fast, with easy installation and wiring.
  • Energy efficiency: Complete set of measurement functionalities, from multi-function meters to intermediate power meters, enhancing the electrical system’s energy efficiency.

The M1M11 is a digital kWH meter for energy measurement that measures single-phase or three-phase energy consumption. The M1M DS is a Dual Source multi-function meter for total electrical system monitoring, measuring active energy, active power, apparent power, power factor, voltage, current, and frequency, and is equipped with a communication device for remote monitoring. Furthermore, the two new intermediate M1M product families, M1M 20B and M1M 30B, have been designed to properly fit into a scalable approach for monitoring demands, with a high emphasis on intuitiveness, quality, and common user experience.

Kiran Dutt, President-Electrification, ABB India, said, “The emerging Panel meter market and our introduction of new range of meters offer huge potential for customers to better manage energy performance across industries. Thanks to their connectivity capabilities, M1M can now leverage the integration in ABB’s Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager cloud-computing platform to monitor, optimize, and control the complete electrical system.”

Image Source: ABB India Ltd

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