Main Features

  • Reaching for the Sky

    Reaching for the Sky

    Space data company Pixxel is a result of a strong desire to explore what’s beyond our planet. The founders shared love for space and space technology has shaped many an innovation that aims at bringing a lasting impact in areas like agriculture and pollution monitoring.

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  • Unleashing the Woman Power

    Unleashing the Woman Power

    Rashmi Urdhwareshe, President, Society of Automotive Engineers India (SAE India), in this free-wheeling interview with Soumi Mitra, Editor-in-Chief, MMI, talks about how is it being a woman leader in a primarily male-occupied industry, the challenges encountered and overcome with uncommon élan, SAE India’s vision, the future of green mobility in India and our machine tool players’ readiness towards catering to it…

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Special Features

  • Pinning Hopes on a Turnaround

    Pinning Hopes on a Turnaround

    No sooner did India get some much-needed respite from the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the second wave hit us from nowhere with the threat to undo the gains we managed in the interim phase. However, the Indian manufacturing industry, as resilient it is, is taking the economic pinch in the right spirit, conforming to all norms and waiting it out to emerge all the more successful.

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  • Doing the Right Thing

    Doing the Right Thing

    Seco Tools has been making a strong contribution to the circular economy and has set an ambitious target that will hugely favor the environment along with the company’s business.

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  • Facing Crisis with Resilience

    Facing Crisis with Resilience

    We are finding ourselves in the midst of a second wave of the Covid pandemic. Though these are testing times, we must stay resilient and ride over this unprecedented challenge with grit and confidence as we did last year.

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Publisher's Note

  • Publisher’s Note

    Publisher’s Note

    India has been caught unawares by a strong second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The war is not over yet as the virus has come back with more penetrating force than it did last year with more human casualties than expected.

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