Main Features

  • Undeterred by Challenges

    Undeterred by Challenges

    The Indian manufacturing sector is bouncing back and is well on its growth path. Industry insiders share their outlook on what trends are needed to maintain this momentum and shape the future of the sector…

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  • Built To Last

    Built To Last

    It’s a unique milestone for Forms and Gears as it finishes 50 years of fixture building. It thus makes for an opportune time to capture the feats accomplished, honor its past, and look forward to its innovations in the future…

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Special Features

  • Women in Manufacturing Ecosystem

    Women in Manufacturing Ecosystem

    The manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation with more women contributing and adding value to it, making the sector inclusive with equitable opportunities for all. Here we have Helen Blomqvist, President, Sandvik Coromant, and Mohini Kelkar, Director, Business Development, Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd, giving us a sneak peek into their roles as leaders in the industry and challenges encountered in performing them, and also proffering wise counsel to those seeking to tread the same path.

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  • Ways to Build a Lean Culture

    Ways to Build a Lean Culture

    A successful company culture is one that can be easily accepted or embraced by everyone, from the newest employee to the highest-ranking official. Here are a few essential, tried-and-tested tips to help one build a thriving Lean Culture…

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  • Gearing Up for a Promising Future

    Gearing Up for a Promising Future

    We are on the cusp of a new financial year, with things looking promising for businesses. Industries were able to withstand the consequent waves of the pandemic with resilience. They have continued to grow in all verticals of manufacturing and are expected to reach the pre-pandemic levels of growth, which is very encouraging.

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  • Making an Impact

    Making an Impact

    The manufacturing ecosystem is undergoing a massive transformation, with more women stepping up to make huge strides and help the industry reap big rewards with their potential.

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