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  • Excelling in Surface Matters

    Excelling in Surface Matters

    Established in 1996, Valgro India has been developing reliable specialty products and machines for the metalworking industry, ever since and has earned the reputation of being a total surface treatment solution provider. Read on to know about its origins, the journey so far, and the plans ahead.

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  • Future-proofing the Workforce

    Future-proofing the Workforce

    Digital technologies are disrupting India’s manufacturing industry, which has huge job potential. Industry experts discuss the importance of enhancing employees’ soft skills through digital tools to shape the industry’s future, and the key skill sets hiring managers look for in potential employees.

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Special Features

  • When the Lights are Out

    When the Lights are Out

    Here’s shedding light on lights-out machining, what must one consider while opting for it, and the benefits it brings to the table.

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  • Towards an Electric Future

    Towards an Electric Future

    For India to become a manufacturing hub for EV Cells, we need a long-term strategic roadmap.

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    Policy changes in India are always expected to have a lasting impact on the Manufacturing industries worldwide. India’s response to fiscal, monetary, and health adversities has helped it mitigate many uncertainties.

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  • IMTEX 2023: Revolutionizing Medical Devices Industry

    IMTEX 2023: Revolutionizing Medical Devices Industry

    The Indian machine tool industry has been supporting the medical sector by developing the required machinery and equipment. The upcoming IMTEX 2023 is to bring forth the advancements in the sector and the potential it holds for the machine tool industry.

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