Main Features

  • Steering the Ship

    Steering the Ship

    In the following insightful conversation with MMI’s Editor-in-Chief Soumi Mitra, Dr Reji Mathai, Director, ARAI, talks on the institute’s focus, the expected rise in the demand of EVs, India as a hot bed of opportunities for global OEMs, and a lot more…

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  • Uniting for Success

    Uniting for Success

    U-Tech Group’s meteoric rise to success is a culmination of focus, determination, and a constant strive towards it. Its separate business units for sales and manufacturing are independent entities that work in synergy for the group to achieve its future goals.

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Special Features

  • Healthcare to Bolster Machine Tool Industry

    Healthcare to Bolster Machine Tool Industry

    India’s Healthcare sector has proved its mettle by emerging strong after a series of challenges last year posed for us. For it to continue in the same spirit, our Machine Tool industry has to up its game to cater to the sector’s demands and for the country to become self-reliant.

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  • Honing Skills that Matter

    Honing Skills that Matter

    A leading honing equipment manufacturer answers a few common FAQs on honing, a process which is typically performed to bring bores to a precise size or achieve a specific surface finish.

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  • Economic Rebound Good News for Manufacturing

    Economic Rebound Good News for Manufacturing

    Last year brought forth a testing time for industries and individuals. On a brighter note, the country’s economy, Manufacturing, and the Machine Tool industry, having shown great resilience in the face of acute adversity, are already on the recovery path. The vaccines for Covid-19 have also made their way out from research labs and entered public domain, providing the much-needed relief and confidence.

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Publisher's Note

  • Publisher’s Note

    Publisher’s Note

    Our Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine stood firm in the face of a series of unprecedented challenges imposed by the global coronavirus pandemic last year. We are proud that we could, through MMI, successfully manage to bring up-to-date information from the manufacturing and exhibition worlds to you.

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