IMTEX Forming 2024

Lightweight Resistance Welding Machines

TECNA Weldcon India Pvt Ltd is a joint venture company between TECNA S.p.A., Italy and Weldcon India Pvt Ltd, India. TECNA Weldcon is engaged in manufacturing state-of-the-art resistance welding machines for Robotic, Manual, and Automation applications.

Punch Flexibly & Efficiently

Euromac Punching Machines are dynamic and flexible and are ideal for superior manufacturing. They are versatile and high-performance solutions while being economical and user-friendly. In the company’s patented hybrid technology, the hydraulic ram is controlled by a feedback control servomotor for greater power delivery at an increased accuracy and precision in repeatability.

Tapping the Potential

The ‘AXIOS’ brand stands as a renowned Tapping Machines manufacturer based in Rajkot, Gujarat, with over 50 years of extensive experience in the machine tools industry. Operating from a cutting-edge manufacturing facility of 5,000 sq mt, the company boasts a dynamic engineering team known for its innovative design and the creation of new products.


The Indian small to medium car market is expected to grow at 20 percent CAGR year on year. The manufacturing industry is gearing up to serve the ever-demanding Indian consumer. The Indian consumer, known to be discerning and hard to satisfy, looks for high quality at affordable prices.

FANUC’s M-800iA/60

FANUC M-800iA/60 robot boasts a transformative power and features the groundbreaking iRCalibration Signature technology, tailored for sectors demanding unparalleled precision such as laser cutting, aerospace, dispensing, and material removal industries.

Press Brakes

Deratech Group is a technology company founded in Belgium by the Group Chairman Bjorn Rabiot. Deratech Group specializes in the design and manufacturing of metal forming machines for the global market.


The IPERJET DF line, with a range that varies from compact, easily movable cartridge filters to centralized systems, is the answer for small and large air filtration needs.

Sourcing the World’s Best

Therm-X Industrial Equipments Pvt Ltd is an organization specializing in providing solutions in the field of Cutting and Welding. With over 23 years of experience in supporting its esteemed clients in the Middle East with its European-origin equipment, services, and consumables, the company is now in India with its products. Its main facility is centrally located in the Nagpur MIDC area for assembly, demonstration, and training.

Handling it Well!

Established in 2014 by a group of highly successful professionals from varied fields of Material Handling Equipment, Tantragna Engineering has grown YOY by 200 percent in the last eight years.

Exploring Excellence with Infinity F1

SLTL Group, a pioneer in Fiber Laser Cutting Systems, has unveiled the groundbreaking ‘Infinity F1’ fiber laser cutting machine. This technologically advanced system boasts an all-new in-house developed software upgrade known as IMPACT, seamlessly integrated with IoT i.e. sltl dynamix, catering to the unique demands of the Metal Cutting industry.

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