IMTEX Forming 2024

What’s in Store?

STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of automated storage systems for sheet material and long-span goods in Europe. The product line ranges from stand-alone applications to integrated automated modules.

Diamondspark 700 MC Metal Cored Wire

Diamondspark 700 MC metal cored wire manufactured with seamless technology is developed for shielded arc welding of thermo mechanically and quenched and tempered fine-grained structural steels.

Prioritizing Safety

Suresafe Safety and Lifting Solutions Pvt Ltd is a prominent provider of safety and lifting equipment. The equipment caters to the diverse needs of industries including Construction and Pharma.

SGO Korea’s Oil-less Bearings

SGO Korea showcases Graphite-plugged Bronze Bearings SGO #500 and Steel-backed Sintered Bearings THEDVELON for molds and hydraulic presses at IMTEX 2024. SGO Oil-less Bearings, also known as self-lubricating bearings, are critical components in industrial applications where friction and wear pose challenges.

Detecting the Load

The NEW SELBER RM-7404 VL Load Monitor has the function of detecting the press load with a strain gauge. It displays the accurate load during press processing and output stop signals and stops a press machine immediately when an abnormality is detected.


In response to the evolving preferences of today's consumers for smaller packaging units and functional sets, PFERD introduces a scaled-down packaging unit for its renowned COMBICLICK system.

‘Made in India’ Smart Electro Heads and Servo Press Machines

Orbital Mekatronik Systems offers ‘Made in India’ Smart Electro Heads and Servo Press Machines with automation for various operations such as positioning, pressing, bending, riveting, punching, coining, clinching, embossing, compacting, testing, and assembly of bearings, gears, shafts etc.

Being On a Roll

MTE Industries Pvt Ltd is known for manufacturing high-precision Thread and Spline rolling machines that are used widely in the Automotive and Fastener industries.

Mitsubishi Electric’s M800V/M80V Series NC controllers

High-speed and high-precision laser machining control directly from your NC system! Mitsubishi Electric's M800V/M80V Series NC controllers now makes it possible to control laser machine by connecting to laser oscillator via interface unit in laser processing of sheet meta

Ming Xu’s Presses for High Accuracy and Durability

Established in 1993, Ming Xu is a wholly-owned Taiwanese company specializing in the design and manufacture of precision high-speed presses. These presses boast stamping capacities ranging from 1 to 600 tonne, addressing the demands of modern industries.

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