Electromobility Requires New Thinking

Intelligent minds at BENTELER are working on solutions that customers may require urgently in the future, and they are collaborating with specialized development partners such as TRUMPF

‘LOGiCAL’ Choice for Service Companies

How can service companies best deliver measurement instrumentation services and solutions to a diverse set of process industry customers?

Diversity in R&D: Closing the Gap

An insight into how the industry can retain its female innovators when 40 percent of women leave Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) by Emmanuelle Göthelid, R&D Manager, Sandvik Coromant…

Finding Avenues for Growth

I am happy to state that our industry is recovering and progressing well. The green shoots are evident as the year unfolds. India’s manufacturing PMI rose to 54.9 in February, signaling an improvement in the health of manufacturing, as per IHS Markit Survey.

Innovation, the Only Way to Thrive

Two years ago, the world’s biggest lockdown was initiated to curb the rapid global spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve of the pandemic, which affected lives and livelihoods worldwide. Healthcare and frontline workers desperately required Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), face masks, and other medical devices for which governments around the world were not prepared.

Gearing Up for a Promising Future

We are on the cusp of a new financial year, with things looking promising for businesses. Industries were able to withstand the consequent waves of the pandemic with resilience. They have continued to grow in all verticals of manufacturing and are expected to reach the pre-pandemic levels of growth, which is very encouraging.

Cleanliness in Submicrometer and Atomic Percent Range

In several industries, new and enhanced products have extremely stringent cleanliness specifications.

95 Percent of Indian Workers Believe They Need More Digital Skills to Adapt to Job Changes Due to COVID-19: AWS

Amazon Web Services, Inc (AWS), an company, recently released findings from a new research report indicating that the need for digital skills training became more acute during the pandemic, with 95 percent of workers in India reporting that they need more digital skills – the ability and knowledge to apply digital technologies for tasks in the workplace – to cope with changes in their jobs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

TRUMPF’s EdgeLine Bevel technology Allows Users to Create Bevels on Components Directly

TRUMPF, one of the world’s largest machine tool and solution providers, introduced ‘EdgeLine Bevel’, a technology that allows users to make bevels on components directly on the cutting machine.

Sandvik Coromant Upskills Industry

According to Search Consultancy research, manufacturing is the most affected by a skills shortage than any other industry, with 85 percent of businesses feeling the pinch of a skilled worker shortage.

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