Power of Persistence

India is presently reaping the fruits of her persistence in inching closer to the ‘Make in India’ mission. Our pro-growth manufacturing trade and industrial policies and global rising frangible supply chains are the raison d'être to bring more international companies to the country. Large corporations are setting up shops in India to diversify their manufacturing base and expand their export sources.

It gives me immense pleasure to present my first-ever Publisher’s Note to the readers of Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) ever since I took over the reins of Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) as its Director General & Chief Executive Officer.


It gives me immense pleasure to connect with the readers of Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine.

Salesforce Sustainability Talent Gap 2022 Report

Salesforce Inc, the world’s best customer relationship management (CRM) platform, recently released its ‘Sustainability Talent Gap’ report

Smart Solutions for Manufacturers

Smart factories will change operations and can transform products’ manufacturing due to their efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability. Different Taiwanese manufacturers are implementing smart factories. A key sales engineer at Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co, Ltd (YCM), a leading Machine Tool manufacturer in Taiwan, Hank Wu, explains some of YCM’s most pertinent smart manufacturing offerings.

Making Every Opportunity Count

Increasing numbers of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 & Tier 2 auto suppliers are acknowledging Taiwan-based Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co, Ltd (SEYI) as a global leader in middle and large servo presses. Steven Lee, Vice President-Sales, discusses the company’s current challenges and opportunities in further expanding its foray into international markets, particularly in the Indian auto, EV, and OEM sectors.

Continuing to Grow and Progress

High-performance solutions are available from Honor Seiki Co Ltd, a leading Taiwanese and global provider of CNC Vertical Lathes and Turnkey solutions. Joseph Chen, the company’s VP, talks about the firm’s efforts to develop proprietary technology, its concentration on the aerospace sector, and its desire to capitalize on the Indian auto and EV market.

Choosing Growth Again

It is a matter of immense pride to look back at India’s growth journey on the eve of Independence Day. To begin with, the country saw the highest annual Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflow of US$83.57 billion in the last fiscal and rapidly continues to emerge as a preferred investment destination for manufacturing.


Policy changes in India are always expected to have a lasting impact on the Manufacturing industries worldwide. India’s response to fiscal, monetary, and health adversities has helped it mitigate many uncertainties.

Electromobility Requires New Thinking

Intelligent minds at BENTELER are working on solutions that customers may require urgently in the future, and they are collaborating with specialized development partners such as TRUMPF

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