Aaran 1 Engineering Ventures into AM by Obtaining Markforged Metal & Composite 3D printers

Mumbai, India – Aaran 1 Engineering Pvt Ltd, one of the prominent suppliers in the precision engineering sector, ventured into additive manufacturing (AM) with the purchase of Markforged Metal & Composite 3D printers, following the recent collaboration of Phillips Machine Tools & Markforged. It became an early adopter of the smart AM platform with Markforged metal & polymer 3d printers.

Speaking of venturing into additive manufacturing, Gavin Price, Managing Director, Aaran 1 Engineering Pvt Ltd, said, “We at Aaran 1 have the desire to create a unique manufacturing experience for our customers, and when looking for a new supplier, it's key to offer something more. Hence, we have decided to venture into additive manufacturing with Markforged Metal X and composite printers to our portfolio along with the support from Phillips Additive.”

Sharing insights on the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies in the Indian market to embrace Industry 4.0 and on the current market demands, Anuj Budhiraja, Country Manager, Markforged India, elaborated, “The industry is demanding high strength composite materials and ESD approved special materials to replace their traditional tools on the floor which are heavy to use and complex to manufacture. They are looking out for solutions that can provide better, lightweight, ergonomic solutions within hours without delays in the supply chain. The other growth area is around batch production where Indian manufacturing industry is also moving to custom requirement, With traditional manufacturing processes it is taking way more time and cost to cater to low volume batch production and 3D printing in composite and metal are really helping to drive this faster with quick turnaround time and lower cost parameters.”

Highlighting Markforged’s AM technology,  Sumeet Bengeri, Phillips Additive India Head, said, “Markforged Digital Trend in manufacturing provides an edge in production applications, particularly across the automotive, aerospace, medical sectors, general engineering, etc. Additionally, as new platforms such as electric vehicles enter mass production for applications like light-weighting of fully safety-certified metal parts, industrial 3D printers also enable production in new, previously impossible ways, along with the ability to design application-specific parts for individual systems or models.”


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