We are at such a point in time in our life when we are experiencing in flesh and blood what was until now studied as history, read as stories, or seen as movies. It never even occurred to us that we could be subject to something as calamitous.

Publisher’s Note

India has been caught unawares by a strong second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The war is not over yet as the virus has come back with more penetrating force than it did last year with more human casualties than expected.

Remembering ‘Bala Sir’ – Missed Beyond Measure

When one leads to leave a legacy, the leadership is focused on significance and not just success. Such people create the greatest impact and influence on those who look up to them.

Facing Crisis with Resilience

We are finding ourselves in the midst of a second wave of the Covid pandemic. Though these are testing times, we must stay resilient and ride over this unprecedented challenge with grit and confidence as we did last year.

ABB Robotics Drives Automation in Construction Industry

ABB Robotics is driving automation in the construction industry with new robotic automation solutions to address key challenges, including the need for more affordable and environmentally friendly housing, as well as reducing the environmental impact of construction in the face of labor and skills shortages.

Performance Linked Incentive Scheme to Boost Manufacturing

The Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan (or Self-reliant India campaign) is the vision of a New India envisioned by the Hon’ble Prime Minister

AVEVA Re-enforces the Importance of AI and Machine Learning

AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability, emphasized the importance of the ‘Connected Worker’ in enabling digital solutions to optimize business returns in a post-pandemic world.

The Choices We Make, Make Us

We are all getting back to our business leaving behind the pandemic disruption. It will be business as usual, but an awareness has set in that things have changed. It will take some more time to get in tandem with the changed scenario but meanwhile the best we can do is look for tools and frameworks that could help us read the situation from different perspectives and choose how to move forward.

Bad Times are the Best Teacher

Almost a year ago, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown for 21 days to contain the spread of coronavirus across the country. The challenges posed by the year 2020 were beyond anticipation or imagination. In hindsight, though, it proved to be a transformative period for all of us.

Publisher’s Note

Our Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine stood firm in the face of a series of unprecedented challenges imposed by the global coronavirus pandemic last year. We are proud that we could, through MMI, successfully manage to bring up-to-date information from the manufacturing and exhibition worlds to you.

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