IMTEX Forming 2024

Laser Cutting Machines

Cutting-edge laser cutting machine LCM 3015 from Sinar Sheetmetal Solutions Pvt Ltd is designed for precision and speed. This series of laser cutting machines is designed using Fanuc/Eckelmann controller.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists from Reva

Electric hoists are mechanical devices designed for lifting and lowering heavy loads using an electric power source. These versatile tools find applications in various industries, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities. One of the primary advantages of electric hoists is their ability to provide efficient and controlled lifting operations.

Muratec AC Servo Press Brake BB4013

Muratec BB series AC Servo Press Brake realizes high productivity and high precision due to AC Servo Motor Technology. RAM Shaft drive enables high-speed movement at 100 mm/sec and a stable repeat-stop accuracy by adopting a ball screw drive mechanism by AC Servo motor and ball screw drive.

Making a Mark

The Indian Laser Marking industry has achieved many milestones in the last 15 years. Traditionally, Laser Printing and Engraving were done in large industries only, but now it has extended its role into tools and machinery, textiles, job works, carpentry, architectural models, and numerous other areas

High-Speed Precision Saw

Thin sectioning of specialized materials poses a challenge in material laboratories, particularly when minimizing surface disturbance is crucial.

BSTL 350-88 from Bruderer

The first model of a new Bruderer high-precision stamping press product series will celebrate its world premiere outside Europe at IMTEX FORMING 2023.

Custom Furnace Loaders From MHE Serve

The electric walkie furnace loaders are the most durable in the industry. Built tough to handle the most demanding environments, the MHE SERVE Furnace Loaders can be customized to accommodate a variety of load sizes.

ProCutter 2.0 from Precitec

The ProCutter 2.0 laser cutting head is now compatible with 60 kW laser power, offering cutting capacity on even thicker materials.

Catering to High-Speed Stamping Industry Requirements

Nemoin Press and Automation Pvt Ltd serves as the exclusive agent and representative for NIDEC brands within the Indian market.

Luxinar Debuts Cutting-Edge Laser Technology

Leading laser manufacturer Luxinar is proud to exhibit its sealed CO2 laser sources and support its Indian agent LaseCo Technologies for the first time during IMTEX FORMING 2024.

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