IMTEX Forming 2024

For Dynamic Monitoring Memory

The DM2® Series D double valve is a patented 3/2 normally closed valve (with an intermediate, lockout position) distinguished by SERPAR® Crossflow passages with poppet and spool valving on the main valve stems.

Working Its Magic

An AM system is not a light investment. Hence, printing production must run as efficiently and reliably as possible to maximize one’s machine investment.

For Metal Coil Processing Needs

Guangzhou Blue Sky Machine is a reputable manufacturer specializing in cutting-edge technology solutions for metal coil processing machines.

Viscodampers from GERB

The foundation design for metal forming and forging equipment is one of the crucial areas in the Indian industry. The dynamic load caused by these machines is quite high.

Creating Vibration-Free Surroundings

Dynemech specializes in the design and manufacture of anti-vibration tables and related precision measuring metrology instruments tables.

Redefining Spot Welding

Crafted with aeronautical-grade aluminum alloy, the Servo Robotic Gun from Arm Welders combines lightweight agility with unparalleled durability, ensuring seamless performance across diverse industrial environments.

Promoting Sustainability 

Steel and Scrap Pvt Ltd has a chain setup of branches across Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore along with over four yards servicing metal scraps in tons. It is authorized under ISO, MPCB, MSME, and FSSE Certifications and has been a stalwart in the recycling and processing industry since 1996.

VacuMaster for Moving Heavy Loads  

The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster from Schmalz is the ultimate workhorse. Whether handling metal plates, wooden boards, plastic sheets, barrels, windows or glass sheets – the lifting devices tackle even the heaviest tasks with weights up to several tonnes.

Kjellberg’s New Plasma Power Source K 200   

Kjellberg is expanding its portfolio for plasma cutting with the new power source K 200. With the K 200, users can focus on the essentials of plasma cutting: optimal and reliable cutting results with easy operation and low investment and operating costs.

Chin Fong Servo Presses 

Chin Fong’s Straight-Sided Single Crank Intelligent Servo Press perfectly combines the benefits of a traditional mechanical press with a digital servo control system.

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