New Products

Edwards Vacuum Expands nEDC Range with nEDC 65-150 Pumps

Edwards Vacuum adds to the nEDC 300 pumps with the nEDC 65-150 models, completing its range of robust dry claw vacuum pumps for the lower pumping speed classes. With features such as robustness, efficiency, and easy handling of contaminants, the smaller pumps are also ideal for applications in the areas of water and wastewater, thermoforming, vacuum conveying, food processing, and medical technology. Similar to the nEDC 300, the smaller sizes also offer an uncomplicated, cost-effective solution to fulfill the important requirements in the applications.

Mastercam 2025 Launches with New Features to Revolutionize Machining

Mastercam, the industry leader in CAD/CAM solutions, announced the release of Mastercam 2025. This latest version introduces cutting-edge features and enhancements designed to maximize speed, efficiency, and precision in the users’ machining operations, setting a new benchmark in the industry. During the Public Beta, manufacturers worldwide provided valuable feedback that shaped the final product, ensuring that Mastercam 2025 meets the essential demands of users while advancing productivity and sustainability in manufacturing.

Hypertherm Associates Unleashes Next-Gen Plasma Cutting Power with XPR460 System

Hypertherm Associates, a US-based leading manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, has announced the release of its latest innovation: the Hypertherm® XPR460® plasma cutting system.

Edwards Vacuum Launches EDP 80-400 Dry Pump Series

Burgess Hill West Sussex, UK – Edwards Vacuum, one of the leading vacuum manufacturers, has been successful in the field of environmentally friendly, dry-running vacuum pumps for decades.

New High-Performance Grade for Thread Whirling

SG3P is the name of the newly developed Horn high-performance grade offering the user new possibilities in terms of performance and tool life when whirling medical screws. The new carbide grade also enables shorter cycle times for thread production, thanks to higher cutting values, including when processing materials that are difficult to machine.

API Introduces Improved XD Laser and Wireless SwivelCheck for Machine Tool Calibration

Automated Precision Inc (API), a global leader in advanced metrology solutions, announced the release of its redesigned XD Laser and the all-new wireless SwivelCheck. These innovations mark a significant leap forward in machine tool calibration, delivering enhanced performance and user convenience.


Marposs’ New Smart Factory SW is intuitive, web-based, and equipped with new features. It consists of five modules, each specializing in one aspect of a factory.

Hypertherm Associates Releases ProNest 2025 CAD/CAM Nesting Software

Dordrecht, The Netherlands – Hypertherm Associates, a US based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, announced a major version update to ProNest® 2025 version 16.0 nesting software. There is a collection of new features and ongoing updates designed to help customers improve their operational efficiency while reducing non-value-added tasks.

The Strong Growth of EtherCAT Continues

EtherCAT Technology Group reports strong growth with 77 million EtherCAT nodes worldwide, including 18 million added in 2023. The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) now counts a total of 77 million EtherCAT nodes worldwide, with 18 million added in 2023 alone. These figures are based on EtherCAT chips sold. To mark 20 years of EtherCAT, the ETG published node figures for the first time last year, which is why they are not yet included in the usual market studies.

HERMLE GEN2 Redefines Precision and Efficiency in Milling Technology

Gosheim, Germany – HERMLE AG, a leading milling machines manufacturer, presented the first three models of the new Generation 2 at this year’s Open House held April 16-19, 2024 in Gosheim.

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