New Products

HMS's Intesis Gateway Aids Communication of PROFINET & BACnet

HMS Networks, leading independent industrial communication and IIoT solution provider, announced the launch of a new Intesis protocol translator for communication between PROFINET PLCs and BACnet IP/MSTP

Siemens Platform Makes Digital Data Accessible

Siemens Digital Industries Software is leveraging the Mendix low-code application development platform to help customers across industries build contextual and personalized solutions and help enable data-driven decision-making processes.

NUM Launches Digital Twin Technology for CNC Machines

NUM launched a digital twin technology that enables machine tool manufacturers to reduce their time to market dramatically, by using powerful Industry 4.0 simulation techniques.

BAHMLLER Modules to Automate Serial Production

WILHELM BAHMLLER Engineering Precision Tools GmbH, automates complex industrial serial production lines on the framework of flexible automation modules.

B&R Adds New Mass Memory Options

Flexible and efficient automation solution provider, B&R extends its option to use M.2 modules for its Automation PC 3100 and Panel PC 3100 industrial PCs, in addition to the CFast cards.

SHUTON Launched New High-Performance Ball Screw Catalog

SHUTON, Spain-based manufacturer of high-performance ball screws and part of Nadella Group introduced its new product catalogues containing the latest innovation in its high-performance ball screws.

ALLMATIC Standardized Tombstones to Propel Automation

ALLMATIC-Jakob Spannsysteme GmbH, a clamping device specialist, offers a standardized Tombstone portfolio that is available within three to four weeks for customers to use in their production facilities.

Nothing Gets Past this Level of Quality

Mechanical and electrostatic filtration systems by LTA Lufttechnik GmbH reliably separate unhealthy or efficiency reducing pollutants and improving indoor climates and prevent wear.

Control Cabinet Inverters

The NORDAC PRO SK 500P frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are equipped with an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface, a multi-encoder interface for multiple axis operation and a USB interface for voltage-free parameterization.

Fine Boring Tools

The system has earned tremendous operator acceptance due to its simplicity and ease-of-use.

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