Main Features

  • Perspective on Hot Forming Technology

    Perspective on Hot Forming Technology

    Hot Forming Technology has earned itself a reputation for being capital intensive, energy guzzling, slower, costly, difficult but hot forming and warm forming become inevitable.

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  • Towards a Secure Future

    Towards a Secure Future

    In an earnest interview with Team MMI, Baba Kalyani, CMD, Bharat Forge, Kalyani Group, shares how the company has always focused on portfolio diversification for its growth...

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Special Features

  • IMTEX FORMING 2020 : Propelling Metal Forming Growth

    IMTEX FORMING 2020 : Propelling Metal Forming Growth

    The Indian metal forming sector is on the rise, slowly reducing dependence on imported forming machinery and fulfilling needs of various domestic industries. IMTEX FORMING 2020 & Tooltech 2020 will showcase the advancements we have made in the metal forming space and provide a learning ground for us to continue doing the same.

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  • New Manufacturing Paradigms

    New Manufacturing Paradigms

    The manufacturing sector is undergoing a transition, wherein there is a need for creating more and better with less. Businesses around the world are evolving and adapting to advanced technologies in Industry 4.0. A take on how the smart factory of the future is slated to be…

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  • Charting a New Path in Manufacturing

    Charting a New Path in Manufacturing

    We are at the beginning of a new decade and it is great to see much hope and optimism for the manufacturing sector.

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Publisher's Note

  • Publisher’s Note

     Publisher’s Note

    Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) is delighted to publish the January edition of its Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine.

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