Main Features

  • Disrupting Medical Manufacturing

    Disrupting Medical Manufacturing

    The medical sector has received Additive Manufacturing with open arms owing its slew of advantages that include producing patient-specific implants which otherwise are time-consuming and expensive when made using traditional machining methods.

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  • Keeping up the Pace

    Keeping up the Pace

    Mechasoft could upgrade its Groove Milling Machines to Industry 4.0 capability through ifm electronic India’s timely intervention. Here’s how it happened…

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Special Features

  • Holding the Vision

    Holding the Vision

    It takes a tremendous amount of passion and effort to shape an idea and see it through to its success. With the handholding of the eminent Godrej Organization...

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  • Moving Forward Together

    Moving Forward Together

    As the flagship event of the Indian metal cutting industry, IMTEX rejoices it reaching 50 years’ milestone, Batliboi Machine Tool Group too celebrates coming this far with it.

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  • Transforming India’s Manufacturing Landscape with New - Age Technologies

    Transforming India’s Manufacturing Landscape with New - Age Technologies

    Global IT giant NASSCOM some time ago reported that it expects India to grasp around 20 percent market share in the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Publisher's Note

  • Publisher’s Note

    Publisher’s Note

    Manufacturing industry has had a truly remarkable year in 2018 with the industry creating new benchmarks. We are at the beginning of a promising New Year and...

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