DeburringEXPO from October 12-14, 2021, as In-Person Event

Neuffen, Germany – DeburringEXPO, the fourth leading trade fair for deburring technologies and precision surfaces, will be held as in-person event at the Trade Fair Center Karlsruhe, Germany from October 12-14, 2021. Users from various industries with a wide range of tasks in the deburring and surface finishing production steps will be able to exchange information with suppliers in face-to-face discussions again and learn about their new and improved solutions in person.

With increased demand in many branches of industry, the component manufacturing sector, on the other hand, is confronted with new and altered tasks. This is due to transformation processes, different production technologies such as additive manufacturing, new and optimized materials, and the trend toward automation and digitization of production processes, as well as new regulatory requirements. Regardless of the industry, burr-free and optimally finished surfaces tailored to product specifications are becoming increasingly important. Hartmut Herdin, CEO, fairXperts GmbH & Co KG and organizer of DeburringEXPO, explained, “On the one hand, the aim is to improve quality, precision and energy efficiency in deburring, and surface finishing. On the other hand, it is about reducing costs.” 

The trade fair, as an information and communication platform, allows for a targeted and efficient comparison of technologies and services that no other trade fair can match. This is also reflected in the presence of nearly all market and technology leaders at the event.

Solutions from a variety of industries and technologies

The exhibitors’ diverse solutions are intended to effectively meet current and future requirements. One of the most important issues for medical product manufacturers is meeting the requirements of the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR). The MDR also focuses on particles for sterile products for the first time. These can be caused by burrs, for example, and must thus be reliably removed in a traceable process. The significant growth in demand for electric and hybrid vehicles in the automotive and supplier industry is leading to an expansion of component manufacturing capacities. Burr-free, high-precision surfaces are required for a variety of parts, including housings and rotor shafts.

In the case of internal combustion engines, the emphasis is on further developments and improvements aimed at lowering fuel consumption and emissions even further. The quality of the relevant surfaces is just as important as burr-free precision machining, such as with ECM processes or laser technologies. Precision parts used, for example, in measuring devices, the optical and sensor industries, and manufacturing equipment for printed circuit board production, must be reliably deburred to meet ever-stricter cleanliness specifications. Similarly, burr-free and properly finished surfaces are required to ensure the quality of subsequent processes such as joining, sealing, coating, or assembly.

This year’s trade fair will also address these tasks in a theme park titled ‘Cleaning after deburring.’ The theme park ‘AM Parts Finishing’ is dedicated to post-processing tasks for additively manufactured components. The solutions for removing support structures and powder residues, smoothing, and polishing surfaces, and preparing components for subsequent heat treatment or coating will be highlighted. Automation and digitization of deburring and surface finishing operations are becoming increasingly important across all industries to produce parts faster, better, and more cost-effectively. In this context, DeburringEXPO will present innovative and practical solutions in the theme park ‘Automated Deburring with Industrial Robots.’ A compact robot cell, among other things, will be used to demonstrate live all the steps from parts feeding, position detection, handling, burr detection by camera or sensor technology, and deburring with integrated tool change, through quality control and final part placement in goods carriers.

Image Source: fairXperts

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