Picking up the pace

Necessity has always been the reason for inventions. Of late, the industry too has started feeling an acute need for the academia to pay heed to the changing times and bring forth a workforce that is ready to cater to the dynamic global market place.

With engineering colleges in every nook and cranny of the country, we have rightfully earned the repute of being a land of engineers. The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) claims that India has more than 3,000 registered engineering institutes that produce an estimated seven lakh engineers every year. The situation thereafter is far from an ideal one: Only half of them get hired on campus. This is precisely due to the fact that our engineers still lack the requisite know-how and skill that the industry wants of them. There is no doubting their talent or acumen here. The onus lies on the academic institutions to structure the curriculum in such a way that makes them industry-ready, equipped with the expected expertise.

This impending issue of knowledge-gap has been addressed by AICTE with a revision in the curriculum. From the next academic year, technologies such as big data analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence and IoT will be introduced in the very first year of engineering. There will be more emphasis on project works and internships to make students aware of the real industry scenarios and their demands.

In addition, visits to mega technology fairs like IMTEX that showcase the latest trends in technologies and products also aid in raising their awareness of the industry and its progress. And last but not the least, making them read industrial magazines like MMI to feel the pulse of the machining world.

In the same endeavor, this issue highlights advanced technologies that have become imperative in manufacturing, and also case studies that reflect on the resolve of the industry to keep innovating until breakthroughs are attained.

With a salute to that spirit, we wish you an insightful read!



Modern Manufacturing India

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