TaeguTec’s Insert for Parting and Grooving

 The line comes in C and J type chip breakers and is available in a range of grades to machine a variety of materials.

TaeguTec’s newly released optimized line, the RHINOGROOVE, is an optimized insert with an overall reduced length developed for efficiency in shallow depth of cut parting and grooving machining.

Its center of gravity promotes better stability while the vibration during machining is minimized by the optimized holder pocket design that enables powerful clamping of the insert. Since vibration is the single greatest influence on tool life in parting and grooving, the RHINOGROOVE claims to offer improved stability and longer tool life due to minimized vibration during machining.

The line comes in C and J type chip breakers which are available as standard items in either 2-3mm insert widths. The line is also available in a range of grades – TT9080, TT7220, TT8020 – to machine several types of materials.

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