CII highlights challenges for Indian EV manufacturers

Mumbai, Maharashtra – With the view to discuss the changing landscape of electric vehicles (EV) in India post the launch of National E-mobility program in March 2018, CII recently hosted a conference at Mumbai. The event brought forth the challenges faced by Indian EV manufacturers along with the opportunities offered by the move. It also highlighted the role of the Indian welding industry that must keep pace with the disruptions happening in the EV space.

Vishwanath Kamath, Managing Director, Fronius India was the Conference Chairman. Other speakers included Nishant Arya, Executive Director, JBM Group; DG Salpekar, General Manager – eVehicles, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd; Gerd Holzschuh, Technical Director, Fronius China; and Dr Pranati Sahoo, Advanced Application Engineer, Electronics Material Solutions Division, 3M India. The topics covered were: Global and Indian Perspectives of the E-mobility Market; Future Trends and Challenges for Welding Fabrication for EVs; Latest Innovative Technologies for E-mobility; The Indian EV Journey and the Way Forward; Manufacturing Automation/Integration for EV; Manufacturers in India – Future Trends and Challenges.

 Dignitaries during the lamp lighting at the
CII event on E-mobility

Source: CII

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