Moving Forward Together takes care of Success!

The matches demonstrate the value of perseverance. It is tempting to call it quits when the going gets tough but sticking around and giving it your best throughout is what pays off at the end.

Football is a team and an individual sport at the same time, lending a sense of belonging to each team member. Rather than making a member feel a cog in the machine, it offers glory in plentiful to the individuals truly deserving it. The best example of it is when Croatia’s Captain Luka Modric was awarded the Adidas Golden Ball as the tournament’s best player despite his team not winning the final match.

Similarly, though there is most often a tension between individuals, the collective is transformed into the best efforts of the individual serving the demands of the team. France’s Kylian Mbappe winning the FIFA Young Player Award makes a strong case in the point.

With this issue, we bring forth stories that illustrate the fact that success never comes easy. Setbacks are essentially the opportunities that pave the way for growth and development. Each stumbling block creates innumerable chances to rethink and refocus, potentially leading to something greater than we first imagined.


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