Chip Compactor by U -Tech

BRIKETTO offers several advantages and can process almost any type of material.

The new compact chip compactor manufactured by U-Tech is used to compact waste metal scrap produced from metal cutting operations like milling, turning, boring etc. The compactor uses 80 tonne of force to press the scrap into briquettes of size 100 mm in diameter and 65 mm in height. The force used to achieve this enables the briquettes to be highly dense, typically more than half the density of the original metal.

Almost any type of material can be processed in this Chip Compactor. For Cast Iron, the machine has a capacity to process 250 to 300 Kg of scrap per hour. The capacity, however, varies according to the nature of the chips.

The major advantages of using a Chip Compactor are:

  • Reduction in storage space
  • Better value for dry briquetted scrap
  • Recovery of precious coolant
  • Reduction in transportation costs
  • Improved efficiency in foundry’s if briquettes are used instead of scrap.


The new compactor requires less floor space compared to the older version. The new design allows the machine to be more flexible so that it suits to different application related requirements.

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