EOS Completes 30 Years in Industrial 3D Printing


Bavaria, Germany – As the world’s leading technology and solutions supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing, EOS is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Founded in 1989 by Dr Hans J Langer, the company now shapes the world of manufacturing with its innovative solutions. Initially used primarily for rapid prototyping, companies worldwide now leverage additive manufacturing increasingly to meet the needs of serial production. The EOS Ecosystem has meanwhile set the course for the future, enabling industry- and customer-specific 3D printing solutions which shape the digital factory. According to Dr Adrian Keppler, CEO, EOS, “The establishment of complete digital production platforms is a major goal that we are aiming to achieve in the coming years. It’s not just about providing the right 3D printing solutions, but about evaluating, planning, setting-up, and optimizing AM production cells to leverage all the advantages and possibilities of digitalization.”

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