For Complex Aerospace Parts

CHIRON FZ 16 S five axis produces blisks with extremely precise surface form.

The CHIRON Group has produced a machining center that is precisely matched to the special requirements of the aviation sector: The FZ 16 S five axis with 5-axis tilt rotary table. The mineral cast machine bed, with new gantry design excels through its high degree of stiffness, and thereby also delivers optimum damping characteristics. High-performance motors, two Y-axis drives, as well as short spindle start-up and braking times lay the foundation for the machine’s extreme speed. A-axes and C-axes equipped with direct drives deliver even greater dynamics.

Turnkey Customer Solutions

Turnkey machines are particularly important for the aerospace sector. These complete solutions with end-to-end automation are matched to individual customer requirements. In addition to the holding fixture and selection of the right cutting tools, the software provided also makes a contribution to greater productivity and dynamics in machining for customer solutions of this kind. The software systems in the SmartLine portfolio from CHIRON establish the ideal basis for making full use of the performance offered by the machining centers. In terms of CNC control systems, customers can choose between the established solutions in the market from Siemens, Fanuc, or Heidenhain - all of which support the best possible machining quality and performance.

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