TF5200 | TC3 CNC

The insert is a versatile tool for general face milling, true 90 degree shoulder milling, full slotting as well as helical ramping and pocket machining.

TwinCAT CNC offers the option to implement interpolation with up to 32 simultaneously interpolating axes. The number of axes and/or the number of channels can be adapted to the requirements of the application via the option packages. Various transformations can be supplemented via option packages. Programming takes place according to DIN 66025. The axes and channels are configured in TwinCAT Engineering.

  • Eight path axes/controlled spindles, max. 64 axes/controlled spindles (optional), max. 12 channels (optional);
  • Supports electric servo axes, stepper motor drives;
  • Subroutine and jump technology, programmable loops, zero point shifts, tool corrections, M and H functions, mathematical functions, programming of parameters/variables, user macros, spindle and auxiliary functions, tool functions;
  • Geometry functions linear, circular and helical interpolation at the main levels and freely definable levels, max. 32 interpolating path axes per channel (optional), look-ahead function;
  • Axis functions, coupling and gantry axis function, override, axis error and sag compensation, measuring functions; ∞ Programming in DIN 66025 with high-level language extension;
  • Access via function blocks from TwinCAT PLC according to IEC 61131-3;
  • Operation with automatic mode, manual mode (jog/inch), single block mode, referencing, block advance, handwheel mode (movement/overlay);
  • Convenient debugging with online monitoring of all states.

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