Towards Autonomous Gripping

SCHUNK is exploring the possibilities of how digitalization and artificial intelligence can enhance handling processes.

SCHUNK has expanded some of its product lines such as the pneumatic flagship PGN-plus-P, and is also pushing its activities in the segment of mechatronic products. The challenge of integrating electrical control systems with gripping tools has resulted in interconnecting more and more mechatronic components. The company is soon to unveil a DGUV-certified gripper for collaborative applications that has a gripping force of 450 N, which far exceeds what was previously customary and possible. As a consequence, the company is opening up the collaborative application market to accommodate handling weights well beyond those of small parts assembly. The automotive supplier industry and the automotive industry will benefit from this innovation. SCHUNK has also come up with a flexible mechatronic gripper with a long stroke for a wide variety of industrial applications. This gripper is controlled via PROFINET and positions its fingers extremely fast.

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