YLS Adjustable Mode Beam Laser

Available in total power of 3 to 25 kW with core power up to 12 kW and ring power up to 15 kW, these lasers are the most versatile in the market.

Normal laser welding can be accompanied by periodic keyhole instability revealed by spatter of molten metal. The keyhole instability results in porosity, variations in keyhole depth and poor finish. YLS Adjustable Mode Beam (AMB) enables high-speed, high-quality welding in automotive applications such as body in white, drivetrains and e-mobility such as Al battery enclosures and battery tabs. IPG’s YLS AMB lasers provide broadest range of beam profile tunability. This revolutionary technology enables independent and dynamic control of the size and intensity of the core and ring beams for less spatter, faster welding and more throughput. With various core and ring fiber options and total output power up to 25 kW, AMB easily handles the most challenging processing demands. In normal laser welding, spatters propel out of the keyhole and gets fused to the surface. AMB eliminates spatter by stabilizing both the keyhole and the weld core. Eliminating spatter means less rework of parts, less downtime and no contamination of the weld area. For automotive applications, AMB improves welding speed, reduces pinhole and zero gap welding and improves mechanical properties for tailored blank welding. For e-mobility applications, AMB improves welding speed and stability, and also enhances the aesthetics of hermetic seals. These lasers are available in total power of 3 to 25 kW with core power up to 12 kW and ring power up to 15 kW, making these the most versatile lasers in the market. An intuitive interface provides simple control of the beam profile and power configuration. AMB lasers are fully compatible with IPG Standard, Wobble and High-Power Scanning Heads, matching the need of any application. Unique IPG diode designs provide efficient and reliable power for independent and dynamic control of the beam profile.


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