A Matter of Trust

METTLER TOLEDO’s bench scales provide the required documentation and make it easy for one to be a trusted partner to their customers.

Quality assurance of parts and components is often not enough to prove that one is a trusted partner. Due to increasing government regulations, compliance pressure and customer requirements, the additional demand for full traceability of products is present for most manufacturers of metal or plastic components.

Manufacturer responsibility

Despite extensive tests and process regulations, the quality of single products or lots sometimes has unwanted variations. There are many factors that can influence output, including changing machine tools or process parameters, raw material input or shift changes. If parts are identified as bad or if there is a malfunction, it has to be traced back to its origin as quickly and accurately as possible. Therefore, the responsibility of the manufacturer does not end at the shipping department. The producer of discrete metal and plastic parts has to find ways to ensure flawless traceability to protect customers and brand reputation. When looking for an easy-to-use, efficient and secure solution, weighing instruments can provide exact batch building and customizable labeling functions for distinct identification.

Challenges in traceability

To be traceable, some industries require that every work piece is labeled. If the raw material cost is high or the components are critical to a product’s structure or functionality, it makes sense to opt for single-piece labeling or identification. For Tier 3 products that are shipped in bulk quantities and are typically worth only a few cents, this practice is simply too costly. An efficient and practical solution is required.

Weighing to build batches

Efficient piece-counting solutions provide the effective way to build batches and separate charges. Fill packages, kits and shipping boxes and simply weigh them against a preset target number of pieces or weight. With weighing-assisted counting, one can determine the exact amount of parts supplied to customers securely.

Label for easy identification

Once the exact number of parts is defined, one has to supply labels to make their products identifiable internally and for customers. Simply providing product and batch number is not enough. Time of shipment or delivery, manufacturing date or operator identification have to be supplied. Additionally, barcodes, according to industry standards, have to be included to ensure fast handling along the transport chain and to easily recall data in one’s own system. With that set up, one is able to efficiently trace back bulk goods quickly and securely. In case one’s customer has specific requirements, they can arrange an individually customizable label solution. Counting scales provide data management and labeling solutions to comply with one’s labeling needs. There is no way around it; providing documentation of compliance is essential. There is one way to be on the safe side use smart weighing solutions.


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