In the days of yore, a close friend of mine was going through a traumatic phase and was astray due to a personal insurmountable loss. It was during one of those low energy days she attended a lecture by a renowned life coach. That one session instantly changed her dismay into hope. It was perhaps the simplest takeaway of nothing ever staying the same and change being the only constant in life that gave her a new perspective. Though we all know change is inevitable, yet we resist to accept the new.

Changes always happen, both planned and unexpected. A few weeks ago, we hardly knew of phrases like ‘self-isolation’, ‘flattening the curve’, and ‘social distancing’ till COVID-19 engulfed the world.

Globally, we are facing an unprecedented crisis and, consequently, adapting to a daily routine to control the spread of this pandemic. Most of us are working remotely as continuity and consistency matter the most in businesses and have accepted it as the ‘new normal’.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Organizations have quickly transformed their processes and making do with anything that can facilitate the work and keep it going. MMI has always focused on stories of achieving more with fewer resources in our sections on Startups and SMEs. The present issue is yet another endeavor to applause this resilient human spirit as we bring forth stories of transformation from the manufacturing sector that pave way for coping with the present times.

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