UR - Phillips Partners to Help CNC Integration

Pune, India - Universal Robots (cobots), partners with Phillips Machine Tools India to provide the Best CNC Machine Tool Automation Solutions to Indian Manufacturers to boost productivity and will bring the advantages of democratized & flexible automation to MSMEs, SMEs & OEMs as India rises up out of the pandemic. 

Cobots are specialty robotic arms that are quick to deploy, Industry 4.0 technologies, have a low footprint, and simple to program, even for the first timers. There is no hardwiring or complex coding involved in getting UR to communicate with a Haas machine. UR’s VersaBuilt software facilitates two-way communication between the cobot and the CNC, enabling it to execute any machining program stored on the Haas CNC directly through the cobot’s own teach pendant (device to control a robot remotely), maintaining all safety interlock features. 

The distributor agreement between Universal Robots India and Phillips Machine Tools India will ensure the rapid deployment of cobots with Haas CNC machines and take manufacturing in India to a whole new level, particularly empowering newbies in automation with a solution that enables ‘Make in India’ with soaring efficiency and quality.

This partnership between the world’s largest distributor of the leading CNC brand and the top collaborative robot brand offers a large number advantages for India’s makers, by helping businesses boost productivity, getting through the door to new customers, offering a turn-key solution and also prepare for the possibility of any future disruptions. 

Image source: Phillips Machine Tools India

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