WEIMA Briquette Press for Tougher Materials and Easier Fluid Recovery

Ilsfeld, Germany – Shredders and briquette presses manufacturer, WEIMA Group GmbH & Co. KG, presents its TH800M briquette press, ideal for briquetting aluminum, steel, stainless and various other metal swarf. The press automated for round-the-clock reclaim is the larger of the two versions in this line. It uses a PLC-controlled hydraulic system and motors to provide excellent production capabilities to reduce the volume of scrap material by increasing its density. As manufacturers are pushed harder every year to reduce piece costs, companies need to look at briquetting it's scrap material before having it picked up by a recycling company; an important aspect to consider in the manufacturing process to recover any money.

Utilizing a 250 bar (3,600 psi) hydraulic pump, which develops over 120 tons of briquetting force, the press can briquette the toughest materials, churning out well-formed metal briquette with a diameter of 80 mm. It is rated for production rates of up to 3,000 pounds per hour depending on material type. The cutting fluid or coolant that is pressed out of the briquette drains into the pan below, making fluid recovery an easier task which otherwise used to leave with the swarf.

For operations with lower throughput needs, the company offers a smaller version of this briquette press called the TH600M. Both the machine types can be loaded and can run unattended, helping manufacturers prioritizing tasks at hand. WEIMA briquette presses allow end-users to fit more material in a single hopper which reduces haul charges and helps to get the real value of the scrap.

Image Source: WEIMA Group

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