New HP Study Affirms the Key Role Digital Manufacturing Plays in Sustainability

New Delhi, India – HP Inc., members of its worldwide partner, customer community, and the industry experts, demonstrated the power of digital manufacturing to transform industries at its recent global Innovation Summit. It also featured discussions with executives from Additive Integrity, Decathlon, Forecast3D, IDC, Nissan, Solize, the World Economic Forum, and more. A new HP study, delivering insights on digital manufacturing technologies and trends such as industrial 3D printing acted as the cornerstone of the event.

The HP Digital Manufacturing Report, a global study by HP Inc., surveying thousands of manufacturing executives across the globe finds that companies are increasingly investing in advanced 3D printing solutions which offer the agility, speed, and flexibility necessary to grow their business and become more resilient in an ever-changing environment.

Regardless of sector or location, companies are looking at 3D printing to strengthen their production or supply chains (hybrid models and localized production), become more agile, as well as create more innovative product development and manufacturing strategies according the finding from the global manufacturing industry. It is emphasized by increased investment in 3D printing, support for 3D printing as a viable alternative as well as backup to traditional manufacturing, and a greater desire for closer ecosystem collaboration to drive adoption.

Manufacturers also see opportunities for accelerated innovation, recognizing that 3D printing's increased ability to innovate, and unique suitability for mass personalization of new products. In addition, additive manufacturing reduces waste and promotes a more sustainable economy, transforming industries like medical, industrial, and automotive for sustainable production.

“The global manufacturing sector is clearly signaling a desire for greater supply chain resiliency, more manufacturing flexibility, increased speed of innovation, and stronger environmental sustainability,” explained Ramon Pastor, General Manager, HP 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing. “And they are seeing industrial 3D printing as a way to not only lower costs and go to market faster, but as a unique competitive advantage that accelerates innovation for customers.”

Image Source: HP

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