Forms and Gears Sets Up Operations in Thailand

Chennai, India - One of Asia's best-known fixture builders Forms and Gears has forayed into the South East Asian Market for Electronics by setting up operations in Thailand. 

The company has ventured into Industry 4.0, Special Equipment. Automation, Laser SPMs, and Workholding business for the electronics, computer and mobile phone industry and has been hiring Thai engineers for their operations.

"We have hired 20 engineers so far and we expect this to increase to around 80 to 100 engineers by the end of 2021. We are also looking to set up operations in Vietnam", says Reji Varghese, Managing Director, Forms and Gears.

Reji Varghese, Managing Director, Forms and Gears

Forms and Gears is one of India's oldest and largest Fixture building companies and has been in the fixture building business for over 48 years. The company has a state-of-the-art tool room and fixture building facility in Guindy, in the heart of Chennai and designs and manufactures precision fixtures to the world's leading Automobile and Machine Tool Manufacturers in ten counties across the world.

Varghese shared, "Even though the electronics business is new to us the basic competencies for designing and manufacturing Work Holding, Laser SPMs, Special Equipment is the same."

Forms and Gears is a Joint Venture with ASM Technologies a publicly listed company based out of Bangalore specializing in Engineering design, engineering-related IT, AI. ML etc.

Forms and Gears and ASM Technologies have a team of 1000 design engineers in-house making them one of the strongest engineering companies in the Work Holding segment globally. The company is also one of the world's first to have developed Industry 4.0 solutions for Fixture and Workholding applications. 

Image Source: Forms and Gears



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