Publisher's Note

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) is glad to bring to you the September - October edition of its Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine. Many thanks for your continued interest in the same.
Businesses in India are now regaining their lost pace and perhaps will move towards the pre-Covid-19 days much earlier than expected. The resilience shown by the Manufacturing industry will enable it to soon come back to normalcy.
Industries have geared up to manage health and livelihood challenges and are working towards expanding their footprints through increased capital utilization, upskilling their workforce and using digital platforms the best possible way wherever possible.
Our MMI editorial team, with its rigorous research and analysis, endeavors to bring to your table up to date information on the developments in the Manufacturing industry. This month’s edition focuses on mobility and automotive manufacturing. Read on for a quick peek into an opinion piece by IMTMA on how the Manufacturing industry is geared up for recovery and growth.
As we continue to share inspirational stories from the industry, we also reach out to you for your feedback, comments, and thoughts to make this magazine more insightful and interesting. This will help us understand your requirements and enable us to meet your expectations.
Thank you once again for your interest in the activities of IMTMA. You can download previous issues of MMI from the IMTMA website.

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