A couple days ago, I received a call from a global HR consultation firm offering services for tailoring video resume to suit the job market equirements in the pandemic era. The executive chuntered on about the 'new normal' CV that can attract eyeballs of prospective employers post-Covid-19.

I was informed that the key focus of a post-pandemic resume should be on digital skills, entrepreneurial mindset, resilience, multitasking, virtual presentation skills, emotional intelligence, strong online presence and so on. The monotonous 'Objectives and Goals' in the traditional resume are getting replaced with new formats highlighting one’s capability to quickly adapt to the new, unprecedented environment.

As I ponder on the changes around us and our reaction to things that we had never prepared for, I am constantly reminded of a saying of German essayist Friedrich Nietzsche — “The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.” This simply means that a mind which cannot change itself is not a mind.

We have done well I realize. We have suffered various losses in a variety of amounts, but what we have gained is the assurance that we can adapt to the changes and that too at a rattling speed.

It is our privilege that a few leading industry legends have shared their views and information on how manufacturing companies are re-strategizing to thrive in these times of uncertainties. The present MMI issue is woven around the fact that the solutions we seek are always buried in the challenges we face.

And learning to embrace the present moment leads us to finding solutions. As always do share your feedback on this compilation as that surely matters to us.



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