Hitachi to Launch the EX2000-7 Excavator in October 2021

Tokyo, Japan - Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Ltd announced the launch of the Hitachi EX2000-7 ultra-large hydraulic excavator to be taken October 2021. The EX2000-7 is remodeled from EX1900-6 and consumes up to 19 percent less fuel while maintaining the same productivity. The EX2000-7 has high durability of structural parts achieved by the design employed on the current EX-7 series machines and it can incorporate support services for repair works and inspections based on ICT and IoT.

In addition, it achieves higher fuel efficiency due to an entirely new hydraulic circuit, an addition of a work mode selection function, etc. Because of drastic cutbacks in fuel consumption, the machine contributes to reduction of environmental impact and the life-cycle cost.

At an operating weight of 193 tons, the excavator is one of the smaller Hitachi EX-7 ultra-large excavators; high demand is expected from small-to-medium-sized mining and quarrying operations, to which fuel efficiency is critically important.

The EX2000-7’s impressive 19 percent fuel saving has been achieved through a range of new designed, energy-efficient features that have made the engine more compact while retaining outstanding productivity. When compared with its predecessor, the EX1900-6, the EX2000-7 can save as much as 460 tons of CO2 emissions per year per machine.

Image Source: Tata Hitachi

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