AFMEC Elects Aitor Alkorta as the New President

San Sebastián, Spain – The General Assembly of AFMEC, Spanish Association of Contract Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, elected Aitor Alkorta, Manager, GOIMEK as its New President. On the new Board of Directors of AFMEC, Aitor Alkorta is accompanied by representatives of ALOT METAL, ARIZNABARRETA, OMICRON, FACTOR INGENIERÍA YDECOLETAJE, FAED MECANIZADOS DE PRECISIÓN, FERROLOIU, IZADI MECANIZADOS, MECANIZADOS MANDRINADOS MANCISIDOR, MECANIZADOS TAR, TALLERES ARATZ and UMEC.

AFMEC was founded in 2016 at the initiative of AFM Cluster, with the intention of bringing together and representing companies from the metal-mechanical machining and transformation industry, to generate a strong image for the industry and encourage business cooperation and networking. By forming part of AFM Cluster, AFMEC can address the challenges of the machining industry with better assurance of success and multiply its opportunities for collaboration with more than 500 companies integrated in AFM Cluster.

In his first interaction he highlighted, “Despite the fact that the metal-mechanical transformation industry consists of small companies in their majority, it is through cooperation between companies that our small and medium sized companies will be able to address large projects. We are a strategic sector consisting of modern and well-equipped companies that are prepared to provide the best service. Our technical staff are more than qualified to draw up highly complex projects and cover the requirements of all the sectors of the industry so they can improve their manufacturing processes, reduce costs and do so in the most demanding conditions of precision and timely delivery”.

He also made special mention of the importance of the support provided by AFMEC and AFM Cluster about promoting an industrial reactivation plan to assist in recovering the sector’s inertia. He intends to address various challenges as President of the association in terms of digitalization/Industry 4.0, close relationships with the companies involved, and attracting talent to the industry.

Image Source: AFM Cluster

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