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ANCA introduced AIMS (ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System) and AutoMarkX, a new automated Laser tool marking solution to optimize cutting tool production. The first to market AIMS provides versatile, modular options for common manufacturing challenges, using smart automation and IT integration to connect tool production processes and systems.

AIMS offers functionality that is adaptable to each factory’s needs as well as delivering a comprehensive solution for end-to-end tool manufacturing challenges. The AIMS server which handles data flows between the elements of the AIMS system and established IT platforms is central to any AIMS system. On this basis, customers can choose from a suite of 'auto' solutions to reduce production costs, solve labour issues and incorporate product and process quality systems.

The new AutoMarkX is well suited for the needs of cutting tool production and  work seamlessly alongside the company's CNC grinders as well as automating the tool marking process, further extending unmanned production operations. It is designed for integration with AIMS, being able to automatically receive and dispatch pallets from AutoFetch, while connectivity to the AIMS Server provides details of the message to be marked on the tools.

Explaining the systems key capabilities, Chris Hegarty, CEO, ANCA Group, added, “We are delighted to be accelerating into the fourth industrial revolution with advanced, smart factory solutions for cutting tool makers – intelligent automation for connecting processes and data management.”

Duncan Thompson, Project Lead, AIMS, asserted, “Our customers continue to look for custom solutions for increased automation in their operations and AIMS is ANCA’s holistic response, a tangible option for a smarter factory. Automation that works best is targeted to repetitive processes that can occur alongside value-adding individual skills. AIMS slots in to seamlessly automate routine processes.”

Emphasizing on flexibility and speaking on AutoMarkX, Jan Irzyk, Product Manager, ANCA CNC Machines added, “This machine is efficient and compact - but more than that, it can be integrated with your ERP and AIMS, so that technology can work together. Removing the need for manual handling, our new laser marking solution pushes tool marking capabilities into lights-out production.”

Image Source: ANCA CNC Machines

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