quattroClean Snow-jet Cleaning System with Pulsating Nozzle

The acp systems AG's quattroClean snow-jet technology with industrial 4.0 capability provides an economical and reliable dry-cleaning process for the partial and full-surface cleaning of a wide range of parts. A newly developed lightweight and compact two-component wear-free ring nozzle for a pulsating jet now enables further cost savings and technical advantages to be realized in CO2 cleaning operations. This upgraded nozzle technology generates a pulsating jet with a frequency of 25 to 30 Hertz, which has a higher kinetic energy than a continuous jet, causing repeated micro-explosions that enable contaminants to be removed more effectively.

The enhanced impulse transmission also improves the efficiency of deburring tasks, so that processing cycles can be shortened as well. This opens new perspectives, especially if the quattroClean system is incorporated with very short cycle times into automated production steps. In addition, corresponding trials are carried out by the company in its own technical center. The pulsating jet is also able to minimize carbon dioxide and compressed air usage, lowering cleaning costs per part and increasing economic efficiency.

The company also develops highly flexible customized system concepts (as stand-alone solutions or as an integration into automated or connected manufacturing environments) based on standard modules that are adapted to the respective cleaning and cycle time requirements. The environment-friendly alternative to wet chemical processes also offers advantages if only specific areas of a part require a specific level of particulate and/or filmic cleanliness, such as bonding, welding or sealing surfaces, or when it comes to cleaning ready-assembled components. Furthermore, the technology can be used to clean and deburr hard and fragile plastics like PEEK and PPS simultaneously.

Image Source: acp systems AG

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