Growing through Connections

IMTEX Connect 2021 will connect manufacturing technology providers and machine tool builders with user industries from various countries. The show will be a pre-cursor to IMTEX 2021 & Tooltech 2021 to be held at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in June 2021.

The virtual event will have over 90 exhibitors showcasing their cutting-edge offerings that they have either innovated or refined during the pandemic lockdown. As is the tradition, along with it being an ideal conduit to reach the right audience, the organizers ensure that the event offers a conducive platform for knowledge sharing. Hence, industry experts are invited to conduct technical sessions. There will be 11 such sessions which are absolutely free for the participants.

Leaders speak

Speaking about the potential of IMTEX Connect, Indradev Babu, President, IMTMA said, “IMTEX Connect will be a medium for user industries to digitally explore the technologies that would be on display at IMTEX 2021.”

Concurring with Babu’s views, V Anbu, Director General & CEO, IMTMA-BIEC, said, “IMTEX Connect will also be an opportunity for machine tool builders to focus on champion sectors such as Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, Electric & Electronics, Railways, Medical, etc. that hold immense possibilities to drive growth in manufacturing.”

Showcasing strengths

Following are a few exhibitor companies that have candidly shared the challenges they faced during the pandemic lockdown, the fallouts of its restrictions, how they view IMTEX Connect in the face of the unprecedented situation and the innovative products and solutions they are showcasing.

ASI DataMyte India Pvt Ltd

DataMyte provides software, hardware, and services across multiple industry verticals. As a pioneer with over 50 years of experience, the company implements Integrated Quality Management Solutions that allow for a smart and connected factory.

Harsh Garg, Country Manager, ASI DataMyte India, thinks of IMTEX as the most prominent B2B show in manufacturing. “This show has always helped companies to get information on the latest technologies to be at par with global trends, providing them with a relevant medium to interact with potential clients. With Covid-19 and restricted travel, IMTEX’s ‘Connect 2021’ is a welcome and suitable solution to still enable these important interactions as well as set an example for other shows. The vaccine has just arrived and we look forward to some normalcy but in the meantime, we will all rally behind these innovative, interactive platforms.”

At the virtual event, the company is showcasing its strengths in IIOT-enabled REVOLUTION Portable Data Collection Measurement Automation; Digital Clipboard: Digital Checklist capability; Escalate; APQP; Measurement Data Collection & Analysis; Residual Torque Measurement; Gap & Flush Measurement; Seal Gap Measurement; and Door Velocity Measurement.

Harsh Garg, Country Manager
ASI DataMyte India Pvt Ltd

Source: ASI DataMyte India Pvt Ltd


Blaser Swisslube India Pvt Ltd


Blaser Swisslube develops and produces high-quality cutting and grinding fluids that find applications in all Manufacturing industries.

Punit Gupta, Managing Director, West Asia, Blaser Swisslube India Pvt Ltd, refers to massive changes brought in by Covid-19, “The pace of change has gone up significantly. The pandemic has made industry captains reflect on three critical points: Productivity improvement drive in manufacturing; Environment health and safety; and Investment in technologies and right partnerships. It has created a new normal wherein every industry is getting pushed at a higher pace towards these new goals.  New ways of interactions are emerging with digital connections all across the globe. IMTEX has always been an ideal platform for connecting the industry. Now, the expectations are from IMTEX Connect to help accelerate this change towards the new normal. We are excited to explore new technologies through connecting with our customers.”

“At the event, we are to showcase our Liquid Tool solution that has a lot to offer. Our innovative and unique technologies, like the Blasocut bio concept, make our coolants as one of the safest products to use in the world for people and the environment," he adds.

Punit Gupta, Managing Director, West Asia

Blaser Swisslube India Pvt Ltd

Source: Blaser Swisslube India Pvt Ltd

Dormer Pramet


Dormer Pramet is a global manufacturer and supplier of tools for the Metal Cutting industry. Its comprehensive product program encompasses both rotary and indexable drilling, milling, threading and turning tools for use in a wide variety of production environments.

Gautam Ahuja, Managing Director, Dormer Pramet India, says: “Virtual exhibitions have grown in popularity over the last 12 months, with an increased interest due to the global pandemic. We have been present at several around the world now and have found them to be a great way to interact with a large audience. “We are pleased to see the renowned IMTEX exhibition has followed this trend and look forward to welcoming many guests from across India, as well as around the world, to our digital booth. IMTEX Connect will be an excellent platform for people to see for the first time the new products we will be launching in 2021. Also, they can find out more about our recently announced acquisition of Miranda Tools, which will enhance our production capabilities of high-speed steel tooling. We see great value in the Indian Manufacturing industry and this investment strengthens our commitment even further, while providing customers with greater choice. This is an exciting time for our activities in the country and IMTEX Connect 2021 arrives at the ideal time to bring more awareness of the opportunities now available.”

Gautam Ahuja, Managing Director,

Dormer Pramet Tools India Pvt Ltd

Source: Dormer Pramet Tools India Pvt Ltd

Ecoclean Machines Pvt Ltd


Ecoclean India, a subsidiary of the SBS Ecoclean Group, manufactures machines for industrial parts cleaning and surface treatment applications.

Pointing out to the unprecedented disruption caused by the pandemic, Manoj Velhal, AGM – Sales, Ecoclean Machines, says, “Digital self-service and remote business interactions are likely to be the new way of doing business. With physical events set to remain on hold for some time yet, the virtual trade shows have taken the centre stage for businesses like us."

Since IMTEX has been and continues to be a flagship event for machine tool manufacturers in India and around the world, we look forward to IMTEX Connect 2021 to connect with potential customers from diverse industry segments and create
new opportunities," he adds. When it comes to a digital event, the possibility to reach the audience is limitless. He adds further, "We are sure IMTEX Connect will turn out to be just the right platform for presenting our innovative, best-in-class and efficient solutions. Our booth is designed to illustrate the brand ‘Ecoclean’ and present our state-of-the-art ‘water-based’ as well as ‘solvent-based’ product lines with a special focus on locally manufactured machines ‘Minio 85C’ and ‘Universal 81W’.”

Manoj Velhal, AGM - Sales,

Ecoclean Machines Pvt Ltd

Source: Ecoclean Machines Pvt Ltd

FIBRO India Precision Products Pvt Ltd


Vivek Nanivadekar, Executive Director, FIBRO India Precision Products, notes that despite the Government relaxing the lockdown restrictions cautiously and in phases, the industry started functioning to its 80 percent capacity only in October 2020. “Almost all the industrial sectors started flooding with the orders including engineering capital goods. It was assumed that the boom was due to the festival season and would die down by December 2020. A more severe second of pandemic in January 2021 was also predicted. But the right steps taken by the Government at the right time, seems to have put the situation under control."

“The timing of IMTEX Connect is just right. We are quite hopeful about the response from potential customers. Apart from the direct business, we will get to understand sentiments and expectations of the visitors which would certainly
help us plan for the next financial year,” he adds.

The company is displaying two new products/technologies at this event. New ‘Made in India’ Aerial Cam unit range up to 300mm sliding width from its ‘Standard Parts’ vertical
for metal forming dies and newly designed Rotary Table FIBROTOR VR.NC for the Automation industry.

Vivek Nanivadekar, Executive Director,

FIBRO India Precision Products Pvt Ltd

Source: FIBRO India Precision Products Pvt Ltd

Grindwell Norton Ltd


Norton Abrasives has been offering bespoke abrasive solutions to its customers for over eight decades. At IMTEX Connect 2021, it is showcasing a wide range of breakthrough product technologies along with digital tools like 4SIGHT, Vibration Monitoring and Analysis Services as well as Grinding Optimization instruments.

Abhay Jain, Head – Marketing and Retail Sales, Grindwell Norton, is of the belief that every crisis is an opportunity. “With almost a V-shaped recovery, the economy has bounced back and the Engineering industry is almost on fire. IMTEX Connect is thus timely. Through IMTEX Connect, exhibitors will get a chance to showcase their newly developed capabilities while customers will get benefitted using new solutions. This platform should also enable a large set of customers coming and visiting virtually which otherwise would not be possible due to time or travel constraint,” he adds.

Abhay Jain, Head – Marketing and Retail Sales,

Grindwell Norton Ltd

Source: Grindwell Norton Ltd

Hindustan Export and Import Corporation Pvt Ltd


Kabir Grover, Director, Hindustan Export and Import Corporation, states, “Covid-19 has changed the landscape of businesses worldwide. IMTEX Connect is an opportunity to provide the much-needed impetus to the Machine Tool industry. The virtual event will be bringing these cutting-edge technological developments to the forefront, and customers will be able to view all on a single platform.”

The company is displaying products and technologies from all its principals – Yamazaki Mazak, Citizen Machinery, Okamoto Grinding M/c, Behringer Band and Circular cutting saws, Vernet Behringer - Structural Steel and TLT Technology and Fromag keysetting and profiling machines.

Kabir Grover, Director,

Hindustan Export and Import Corporation Pvt Ltd

Source: Hindustan Export and Import Corporation

ifm electronic India Pvt Ltd


Shreyansh Gunde, Marketing Department, ifm electronic India, says “IMTEX Connect 2021 is a welcome affair that must be grabbed and make the most of. We expect the same from the 7-day virtual event that we used to experience during the physical one.”

“IMTMA has played a highly crucial role in bringing all the manufacturers, suppliers, customers under one roof to facilitate knowledge sharing, to meet and greet with the existing customers, and to explore demands of the new customers. With IMTEX Connect 2021, we would like to see the same energy and footfall,” he adds.

For IMTEX Connect 2021, ifm will be displaying: IO-Link Technology; Condition Monitoring Systems; Process Sensors – Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level; Position Sensors – Inductive, Capacitive, Magnetic, Cylinder, etc.; and Vision Sensors – 1D / 2D code readers, Object recognition.

Shreyansh Gunde, Marketing Department,

ifm electronic India

Source: ifm electronic India

ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd


ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd is a multi-product, multi-location public company that has been providing engineering solutions to customers across 91 countries for the past 85 years.

Yogesh Saxena, Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing, ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd, states, “In view of the current scenario and the increased demand in the Automotive Sector, we expect a ‘V’ type recovery and IMTEX Connect is the right move to meet with customers online when mobility is limited due to the pandemic.” The company will be displaying its 630T Servo Mechanical Presses that finds considerable demand in Europe.

Yogesh Saxena, Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing,
ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd

Source: ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd

Meiban Engineering Technologies Pvt Ltd


According to AV Srinivasan, CEO, Meiban Engineering Technologies, the business sentiment is picking up and the business scenario is also changing. “Customers are extremely careful about CAPEX and want quick solutions and delivery. IMTEX Connect 2021 will help give a better picture of the customer demand. Due to the pandemic, many of our customers have become tech-savvy and are interested in going digital,” he adds.

The company is displaying its Series of Muratec Twin Spindle Turning / Turn-Mill Center with Automation, which includes various popular models like MW100, MW120, MW40, MW200, MD120, and newer series like MW35, MW120EX.


AV Srinivasan, CEO,

Meiban Engineering Technologies

Source: Meiban Engineering Technologies Pvt Ltd


MTAB Engineers Pvt Ltd


For Anand Ramadurai, CEO, MTAB Engineers, 2021 looks more promising with investment coming in Electronics, Aerospace and Defense sectors.

“As the buying sentiment is improving and there is a strong need to reposition the marketing initiatives to develop the network, display the manufacturing capability and advancements to improve the business prospects. In this context, IMTEX Connect 2021, the first time as a digital platform, is a great opportunity for the Machine Tool industry to start their marketing initiatives,” he adds.

MTAB’s focus at IMTEX Connect 2021 is automation and CNC machines that will promote and support important areas of innovation and growth. “We are presenting a range of robots to serve multiple industries: Engineering, Food, Pharma, Electronics, etc., to safely perform repetitive activities. The Healthcare industry has a growing need for good quality components to meet the patient demand: surgical instruments, medical and dental implants,” he shares.

Anand Ramadurai, CEO,

MTAB Engineers Pvt Ltd

Source: MTAB Engineers Pvt Ltd

NISSIN Manufacturing Co. Ltd


NISSIN Manufacturing Co. Ltd manufactures industrial machinery and parts. The company manufactures and distributes machine tools, automotive parts, small engine parts, precision die cast parts, and sewing machine parts. Mari Dohi, Assistant Manager, NISSIN Manufacturing Co. Ltd, shares the company’s purpose in participating in IMTEX Connect 2021. “We plan to expand our business network all over India for which we consider the event as an ideal platform to connect with the right people,” he adds.

The company has the spotlight on its Honing machine F25G-M2DR at the event.


PG Engineers


PG Engineers is the manufacturer of collets for driveline, collets for engine valves, DIN collets, W Series collets, C Series collets. Bar Feeder collets etc. Manish Gupta, CEO, PG Engineers, says, 'With business slowly bouncing back to normalcy post lockdown, IMTEX Connect 2021 provides a platform to several industries and companies to connect in the form of a virtual exhibition. The opportunity opens up several avenues for growing businesses in terms of networking and gives them a chance to represent their companies. Since the event is user-friendly, we expect it to receive significant response from the industry." The company will be focusing on its Collets Work holders/tool holders Manish CEO, Samina at the virtual event.

Manish Gupta, CEO,

PG Engineers

Source: PG Engineers

Renishaw India


Samina Khalid, Marketing Communications Manager, Renishaw India, feels that the launch of IMTEX Connect at the time where there is restriction in mobility is a right strategy as it will have a positive impact on businesses, “This will allow more employees within a company to access new resources. People who earlier could not make it to an event will now be able to attend virtually, in real time, without the need to travel. The event will also act as a catalyst in stimulating lead generation especially during the pandemic.”

“At IMTEX Connect 2021, Renishaw will demonstrate how integrating smart factory process control can transform a machine shop's production capabilities, improving speed, ease-of-use and flexibility,” she shares.

Renishaw will demonstrate intelligent process control for larger parts, by exhibiting the Equator™ 500. The new, larger system enables the accurate gauging of larger parts due to a working volume of 500 mm in diameter and up to 400 mm in height, increasing the flexibility and range of applications for the Equator system. Accurate between 5ºC and 50ºC at any rate of temperature change, the system can achieve scanning speeds above 200 mm/s.

Samina Khalid, Marketing Communications Manager,

Renishaw India

Source: Renishaw India

SAPTECHNICAL & Marketing Consultants


Apoorva Prasad, Partner, SAPTECHNICAL & Marketing Consultants, reflects on the eight months that have been difficult for our industry and hopes that the businesses slowly and gradually move towards better times. “There is definitely caution and deliberation in making capital investments,” she adds.

IMTEX has been a very important platform for SAPTECHNICAL and, hence, the company has never missed a single IMTEX. “IMTEX Connect is going to be a completely new experience for both the exhibitors and visitors. It being a virtual event, we are really hoping for a great response and reach. This is definitely a positive step to show that the industry is moving back to normalcy and will boost the much-needed confidence in the market,” Prasad adds.

Some of the company’s highlights at the event include:

Takisawa Machine Tool Co. Ltd, Japan: CNC Lathes / with Y axis, CNC twin Spindle Lathes with Gantry, Multi-Tasking machines, Oval Turning machines; Doosan Machine Tools, South Korea: CNC Lathes, Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers, Double Column Machining Centers, Boring Machines, etc.; Fanuc, Japan: Robodrill (High-Speed VMCs) & Robocut (Wirecut EDMs); Mitsui Seki Kogyo Co. Ltd., Japan: High-precision, high-accuracy, 5-axis CNC Machining Centers for Aerospace Industry, Thread Grinders and Jig Boring Machines; Engis Corporation, USA: Bore Finishing and Honing Machines

Apoorva Prasad, Partner,

SAPTECHNICAL & Marketing Consultants

Source: SAPTECHNICAL & Marketing Consultants

TOYODA Micromatic Machinery India Pvt Ltd


SK Yadav, Managing Director, TOYODA Micromatic Machinery India, thinks of IMTEX Connect 2021 as an ace show of machine tools in India. “The show has the potential of being a torch bearer for the Manufacturing industry in the new normal. Going forward, the idea of ‘Connect and Collaborate’ will be the key for all the stakeholders. As a learning organization, we continue to collaborate with our business partners in their journey and provide competitive solutions,” he adds.

The company will be exhibiting its ‘Made in India’ High Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, model:GL4E. “This product is an outcome of ‘Japanese standards’ combining with competitive Indian manufacturing,” he shares.

Going with the latest trends in gear machining, it will also be displaying its GEAR Skiving Center. This product is designed and manufactured with Process Integration as the main theme.

SK Yadav, Managing Director,

TOYODA Micromatic Machinery India Pvt Ltd

Source: TOYODA Micromatic Machinery India Pvt Ltd

SLTL Group (Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd)


The SLTL Group undertakes manufacturing of solutions in the fields of Laser Systems, Medical, Diamond & Jewellery, RF & Microwave, and Renewable Energy Machine Tools.

Maulik Patel, Executive Director, SLTL Group, deems IMTEX to be one of the prominent trade exhibitions for metal forming and tooling. “We take part in the expo every year and receive a great response every time. We export to more than 30 countries and, through IMTEX, we get opportunities to expand our reach,” he says.

“Covid-19 has been a wake-up call for the industry to adopt Industry 4.0 and make manufacturing operations as digital and contactless as possible. We at SLTL also started, creating a digital doorway to our manufacturing facility in this period of social distancing. During such times when physical expos are not happening and social distancing is required, IMTEX Connect 2021 will help bridge this gap digitally and open up a medium to virtually collaborate with target audience across geographies," he adds.

SLTL is displaying its innovative Robotic Fiber Laser Cutting System, ‘FIBO CUT’. “The machine can process complex shapes and geometries. It can cut 360 degrees and even non-standard materials and angles, resulting into a Laser System flexible enough to operate on various sizes and shapes for automobile sheet metal components," he adds.

Maulik Patel, Executive Director,

SLTL Group

Source: SLTL Group

SolidCAM Software India Pvt Ltd


According to Arunkumar CV, VP-Sales, SolidCAM Software India, the role of IMTEX Connect 21 is extremely crucial for not only SolidCAM as a software company for machining solutions, but for the entire metal cutting supply chain, since this is a big opportunity for everyone to re-innovate and become relevant in changing times. “IMTEX Connect is just the right platform that puts the supply chain on the global arena to play to their strengths and expand the reach,” he adds.

The company will be showcasing its recently released version SolidCAM 2021 at the event, which is considered as the game changer that offers the possibility to program extremely Complex Swiss Type machines, Multitasking machines and 5 Axes Milling Machines in a highly user-friendly environment.

Arunkumar CV, VP-Sales,

SolidCAM Software India

Source: SolidCAM Software India Pvt Ltd

THK India Pvt Ltd


Krishnamurthy, Regional Sales Manager, THK India, states, “India is a country with over 500 million internet users. Hence, virtual events like IMTEX Connect are the next big thing, taking the digital transformation to the next level. In the current pandemic situation, the event is a great platform to explore new technology advancements and connect with industry experts.”

The company is introducing its roller LM guides, model HRX and Ball screws model BSM at the virtual fair. The HRX LM guides are high-rigidity roller guides with increased load ratings. They are also available as interchangeable rail and blocks. The BSM ball screw is a full ball complement high-speed performance ball screw.

Krishnamurthy, Regional Sales Manager,

THK India

Source: THK India

VOLLMER Technologies India


Ravindra SD, Managing Director, VOLLMER Technologies India, shares, “With the business climate returning to normalcy, we have also seen the demand for capital goods is also on the rise. After a long gap of lockdowns and restricted movements, IMTEX Connect is offering us an opportunity to connect with customers, both existing and potential. The virtual show will help in strengthening the business sentiment of the industry.”

At the event, VOLLMER will display the product range in processing of rotary shank type tools, both in Grinding and Eroding. The popular VGrind series of machines for tool grinding, VHybrid machine for Grinding and Eroding and VPulse is the Wire EDM for PCD rotary shank type tools. The Circular Saw Blade Grinders for metal cutting application will also be exhibited.

Ravindra SD, Managing Director,


Source: VOLLMER Technologies India

Warrier Electronics


Rohit Warrier, Founder & CEO, Warrier Electronics, says, “IMTEX is the premiere trade fair which the industry eagerly looks forward to every January. Since a physical show is not feasible, but IMTEX Connect 2021, a virtual trade show platform has the potential to easily fill the void. It will be the game changer. Now irrespective of where one is, they can attend the show as per their convenience. Even from the exhibitor point of view, now, businesses can reach prospects in all geographical demographics at a fraction of a
price otherwise required to reach all corners. It is a win-win. As a trade enabler, shows such as IMTEX Connect 2021 will surely enable to drive growth.”

The company is displaying automatic fire detection and suppression systems for CNC and EDM machines. “Our systems are not limited to protect CNC machines but can widely be used to protect other critical equipment such as Electrical panels, Data server racks, Mining equipment, Mobility vehicles, Wind turbines, UAVs etc. from fire,” he informs.

Rohit Warrier, Founder & CEO,

Warrier Electronics

Source: Warrier Electronics

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