Training the Next Generation of Technical Experts

Pune, India – Kiran Acharya, Managing Director, Sandvik Asia Pvt Ltd, part of the Sandvik Group, explains how the Sandvik Group is providing young people in India with a springboard for a career in manufacturing, as well as access to some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies. According to the Global Skills Gap Report by e-learning company, Udemy, 92 percent of employees in India believe there is a skills gap. The younger generation of India has the potential to significantly close the skills gap, once they are trained with the technical knowledge required for modern jobs.

Leveraging Younger Workforce

India has entered a ‘golden period’ that is expected to last until 2040 due to a shift in the population’s age structure. Currently, the working-age population outnumbers the non-working, with 35 percent of the population under the age of 19. In contrast to many other parts of the world that are dealing with the challenges of an aging population, India has a unique opportunity to capitalize on the younger workforce for economic growth and development. As a result, it is critical that the next generation be equipped with the best skills possible to maximize their success in the job market.

Sandvik Coromant School of Manufacturing Excellence

Sandvik Coromant and the Indian Government partnered in 2018 to establish the Sandvik Coromant School of Manufacturing Excellence to train Indian youth from underprivileged and marginalized backgrounds. The school, based at the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Pune, educates students on advanced metal cutting techniques and helps them develop their employability.

The school’s machine lab is equipped with the latest metal-cutting tools and equipment, including high-tech computer numerical control (CNC) milling and tooling machines. Students gain practical skills from the programme that help bridge the discrepancies between traditional academic curriculum and industry requirements. As a company with a large presence in India, the school allows Sandvik Coromant and its employees to share their expertise and give back to the local community.

Industry-ready Workforce

The course currently has over 300 students enrolled, and 202 graduates were awarded certificates in metal cutting technology at a convocation ceremony in January 2021. Following completion of training, the school assists students in securing job placements in the industry to help them advance their careers.

India’s demographic dividend offers a unique opportunity to transform its workforce to meet modern industry’s needs. The Sandvik Coromant School of Manufacturing Excellence is equipping young people with the practical skills and technical knowledge required to bridge the skills gap and curate a highly capable generation of technical experts.

Image Source: Sandvik Group


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