New Machining Solutions from CHIRON

The turnkey specialist, CHIRON Group’s two companies CHIRON and STAMA have introduced their new machine generations for high-precision, dynamic CNC machining.

CHIRON FZ16 S five axis for precision and dynamics

When CHIRON developed the FZ16, the focus was on the customers’ requirements of precision, dynamics and a high surface quality for increasingly complex workpieces. Designs incorporating a moving gantry are completely new for CHIRON. Customers with special accuracy-related requirements for five-axis machining will find in the FZ16 S five axis that offers top levels of dynamics and rigidity and therefore guarantees high productivity. Additional benefits in terms of productivity and flexibility are provided by the fact that the machining center can be equipped with up to 162 tools without taking up any more floor space.

STAMA MT 733 for complete machining

The new 733 series from STAMA allows all six sides of a workpiece to be machined on a single five-axis center. The machining center’s gantry
design lends it optimized static, dynamic and thermal rigidity. The high process stability means that even the very first part to be produced is always correctly dimensioned, both when manufacturing single items and in series production. An optional feature of the new series is active temperature control for linear guides, chip channels and the whole machine structure. This allows for even higher precision in combined milling/turning machining. Four MT 733 models are available with customization as an additional option.

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