MSV-India Develops a UV Disinfection Conveyor

New Delhi, India - MSV-India Inc., has come up with a revolutionary medically proven, UVT Conveyor, a UV disinfection lamps that emit UV-C rays that are capable of killing 99.99% of germs including coronavirus strains, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, present on the surfaces of regular items as well as in the air inside the disinfection chamber. The disinfecting equipment is also recommended by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, USA.

With the conveyor using UV-C innovation, the sanitization process requires no chemicals, the only parts that might require substitution are its lamps, it thus offers a 360 degree and totally contactless disinfection, eliminating any harmful aftereffects. It is safe to use on absorbent materials like fabrics, paper, cardboard, office files, etc., even for food items like vegetables, fruits, water, and even milk, along with increasing shelf-life.  

In this backdrop Founder, MSV-India Inc., Vandana Vinayak said, “Our UVT Conveyor is a 100% ‘Made in India’ product, and it's our contribution to the dream of 'Atamnirbhar Bharat'. Every component used in the machine has been sourced and manufactured in India. With this masterpiece of ingenuity and innovation, we hope to bring a revolution that would lead to the annihilation of COVID-19."

Image Source: MSV-India Inc.

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