ZASCHE handling Introduced New Array of Electric Balancers

Nördlingen, Germany – Load handling technology provider and a member of the Accuron Industrial Technologies Group, ZASCHE handling, presents Electro-Balancer (E-Balancer) for operators to position and transport loads of up to 100kg accurately and effortlessly. It is a versatile tool suited for a wide range of heavy-duty industrial applications due to its intuitive and ergonomic design. It provides manufacturers with the ability to maximize efficiency and workplace safety all at once. The E-Balancer which operates solely on electrical energy is the ideal solution for manufacturing facilities without a compressed air supply.

The additional key features include lifting height of up to 2000 mm and lifting speed of maximum 700 mm/s with more than 90 percent duty cycle. It enables users to use the lifting equipment easily and efficiently, offering an optimal ratio of payload to dead weight. Its sensitive control elements allow for smooth and precise load positioning, enabling users to set it to specific parameters such as reaction speeds according to their needs with the touch of a few buttons. To assist its customers, maintain smooth production, the company will also conduct regular training sessions, as well as equip them with the necessary skills to handle any unexpected downtime in times of emergencies.

“This plug & play-ready lifting equipment allows manufacturers to lift their components or manufactured goods more efficiently and safely than ever before,” explained Erwin Wagner, General Manager, ZASCHE handling. “Our team is committed to designing and delivering purpose-built systems that address specific industrial handling needs. Customers can now look forward to using a new type of ‘weightless’ product handling tool that can be used across all production lines.”

Image Source: ZASCHE handling

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