New Products

Aluminum Bronze Alloys for Stainless Steel Forming & Bending Tube

The alloys from AMPCO METAL are known to have remarkable wear and corrosion resistance and render perfect surface on Stainless Steel and Titanium.

TwinCAT Vision for PLC programmers

TwinCAT software unites a comprehensive range of machine functionality – PLC, motion control, robotics, high-end measurement technology, IoT, HMI and now machine vision – all in an end-to-end engineering and control platform.

Rapid Profile Projector V 300

The V 300 from Dynascan measures or traces parts in a few seconds as opposed to 10 or 20 minutes on a conventional Profile Projector.

For Large Aerospace Parts

This 4,000 tonne oil hydraulic press supplied to the largest aerospace parts manufacturers in India is capable of ring forging, flange forging, fast forging, isothermal forging and titanium alloy forging.

Vacuum Generation Made Compact

J. Schmalz GmbH has developed the new SCPM family in response to the growing demand for space-saving, decentralized vacuum generators that combine powerful suction with straightforward integration.

The Flexible Arm X5

The Laser Cutting System has 2 more axes of freedom than the conventional X, Y and Z axes that allow higher flexibility to operate on various sizes and shapes of automobile sheet metal components.

Debuts at EMO

The CHIRON Group is appearing at EMO with a lot of debuts: new machining centers, software and automation solutions.

Everything is Vibration

ARTIS offers sensors in the measurement range between 10 Hz and 5 kHz for acceleration measurement on one to three axes.

New Air Compressors

Pune, India – Atlas Copco has launched five new specially designed products in the air compressor segment for the Indian market, providing an edge to small and medium scale business units.

For Complex Aerospace Parts

CHIRON FZ 16 S five axis produces blisks with extremely precise surface form.

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