Aerotech Introduces AGV-XPO, a Premier Two-Axis Laser Scan Head

Pittsburgh, US – Aerotech Inc, a global leader in precision motion control and automation, has introduced the AGV-XPO, a high-dynamic, two-axis laser scan head that combines low-inertia, high-efficiency motors with ultra-high resolution position feedback and optimized structural dynamics to deliver rapid acceleration profiles and excellent part-profile tracking with minimal following error.

The AGV-XPO is ideal for high-throughput applications requiring superior dynamic precision, minimal following error, and rapid move-and-settle performance, such as display processing and manufacturing, high-speed drilling and cutting, electronics manufacturing, large-field and long focal length scanning, and femtosecond laser processing.

Key features include increased process throughput with innovative, dynamically optimized design; superior dynamic accuracy and improved process yield with high resolution feedback; enhanced thermal stability with optional air and water cooling; system design flexibility with a multitude of optical configurations; and easy synchronization with other motion axes for seamless integration and ease of use.

Brian Fink, Product Manager, Aerotech, explained, “We know our customers need to achieve exceptionally high speeds and accelerations, plus outstanding part-path accuracy, so our AGV-XPO scan heads are engineered from the ground up to minimize any tradeoff between throughput and precision.”

Image Source: Aerotech Inc


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