Hexagon Announces Nexus, an Open Platform for Siloed Engineering and Smart Manufacturing

New Delhi, India – Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced Nexus, an open platform for smart manufacturing that will transform how technology professionals collaborate and innovate. Nexus, which was unveiled at Hexagon’s HxGN LIVE Global 2022 conference in Las Vegas, will enable real-time data sharing between different design, simulation, and production applications. It will connect various applications to create workflows and combine technologies to develop unique solutions to engineering and manufacturing problems, from concept to delivery. It will empower cross-functional teams to leverage fragmented digital data by improving visibility and connectivity, allowing them to gain unprecedented insight, bring their ideas to life more quickly, and produce higher-quality results.

Nexus will serve as the foundation for the company’s future smart manufacturing solution offerings. It can now leverage Hexagon data sources from across the portfolio, connect hundreds of Hexagon design and engineering, production, and metrology software tools, and gain new insights from metrology devices and connected machines. Furthermore, first-in-class cloud-native visualizations and data management solutions such as HxGN Metrology Reporting and MaterialCenter have been built as cloud-native connected applications and will be linked via Nexus.

The company is also creating purpose-built solutions through the platform that combine multiple technologies to help users improve productivity and digitally optimize complex processes and workflows. A ‘ready-to-go’ workflow for 3D printing an optimized reverse-engineered part, for example, could be used to streamline the repair of grounded aircraft components. This workflow connects 3D laser scan data to Hexagon products like RECreate, MSC Apex Generative Design, MaterialCenter, and Simufact Additive, as well as connects to a third-party market-leading application called CADS Additive, to significantly improve productivity and enable rapid collaboration to address production issues.

“Our customers are managing increased complexity in the market, which is demanding faster innovation than ever. Siloed tools, rigid systems, and inaccessible data are increasingly ill-suited to the manufacturing industry’s needs and pressures. Our vision for Nexus is to enhance the products our hundreds of thousands of customers have come to know and love with additional capabilities powered by the cloud, AI and Machine Learning, real-time collaboration, and advanced visualization,” explained Parth Joshi, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. “Nexus will allow manufacturers to build more agile and resilient processes, so they can respond positively to change and take advantage of new opportunities, create faster pathways to products and develop increasingly autonomous workflows, realizing the full potential of smart and sustainable manufacturing.”

Image Source: Hexagon

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