Cybernetik Acquires Majority Stake in US-based Buffalo Extraction Systems to Provide Turnkey Extraction Solutions

Pune, India – Cybernetik Technologies Pvt Ltd, an industrial automation firm, has acquired an 87.5 percent stake in US-based Buffalo Extraction Systems for an undisclosed cash consideration. The acquisition will establish the company as a forerunner in the provision of turnkey industrial automation solutions to companies involved in the extraction of medicinal plants, herbs, spices, and essential oils. It will also help the company expand into new markets around the world.

Buffalo Extraction Systems was founded in 2019 in Bentonville, AR, by a young, dynamic group of technocrats to provide state-of-the-art extraction solutions for a variety of industries. It takes on the task of guiding its clients through the essentials of the extraction process, from concept to commissioning.

Mahesh Wagle, Co-founder and Director, Cybernetik, commented, “Our acquisition of Buffalo Extraction Systems will open new networks for us in countries like Africa, India, Thailand, USA, and South America. Given our experience in the extraction, industrial automation space, and manufacturing of high-end material handling and process automation solutions for over 30 years, the synergies between the companies are bound to create a lasting impact.”

Against this backdrop, Yogesh Jhamtani, CEO & Co-founder, Buffalo Extraction Systems, said, “This investment will help us build capabilities to become global leaders in the EPC space and extraction equipment in the agro-produce extraction industry. We feel it’s a natural progression, and we are committed to bringing innovative solutions while, at the same time, introducing new robust technologies and building the agro-processing industry, which is still in its nascent stages worldwide. With revenue targets of US$ 20 million by 2025, we are just getting started.”

Mahesh Wagle, Co-Founder, and Director, Cybernetik

Image Source: Cybernetik Technologies Pvt Ltd

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