Sandvik Coromant Launches Webinar Trio to Assist Customers Throughout Asia

Sandviken, Sweden and Pune, India – Sandvik Coromant, a global leader in metal cutting, has launched a trio of webinars to support its customers in India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the rest of Southeast Asia. The webinars will go over how to boost efficiency with digital solutions, as well as the company’s most recently released tools and technologies, such as its high-feed milling solution, CoroMill® MH20.

The company regularly releases webinars and online guidance to support its global network of customers as part of its customer-centric focus. These new webinars, designed specifically for customers in the Asia Pacific region, delve deep into common customer challenges and highlight the organization’s most recent developments.

The first, a webinar on increasing efficiency with digital solutions, focuses specifically on how to use order tracking tools on the Sandvik Coromant website. The demonstration, hosted by Albert Waloni, Indonesia’s Application Specialist(s) and Digital Sales Manager, aims to improve customers’ understanding of how to use features like the online technical assistant to help customers quickly retrieve information and solutions about orders. The webinars also looked at tools that help with digital machining processes, from planning and design to in-machining, such as CoroPlus® Tool Guide, CoroPlus® Tool Path, and CoroPlus® Tool Supply.

The company held a webinar for Thai customers and distributors to showcase the latest additions to its product line, including live product demonstrations of the CoroDrill® 860-PM, CoroPlus® Tool Supply, the new turning insert grades GC 4415 and 4425, and the CoroMill® MH20. Lastly, the company has hosted a webinar for customers in Southeast Asia and India to demonstrate how its CoroMill® MH20 can optimize milling processes. Over 80 people watched a live demonstration of the tool from the Sandvik Coromant Pune Center in India.

Malin Broström, Marketing Manager, South and East Asia, Sandvik Coromant, commented, “Sandvik Coromant puts customers first. We are constantly trying to improve our performance while keeping our customers at the heart of our focuses. That’s why we provide the opportunity for customers to attend webinars that provide great insight into areas relevant to them and their businesses.

He further added, “Aftercare and customer service is really important to us. Our events and training page offers a platform for customers to revisit training or watch product demonstrations on demand. The more our customers know about our tools and digital solutions, the more value they can create from them.”

Image Source: Sandvik Coromant

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