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Shop floor of Honor Seki Plant

High-performance solutions are available from Honor Seiki Co Ltd, a leading Taiwanese and global provider of CNC Vertical Lathes and Turnkey solutions. Joseph Chen, the company’s VP, talks about the firm’s efforts to develop proprietary technology, its concentration on the aerospace sector, and its desire to capitalize on the Indian auto and EV market.

Honor Seiki was founded in 1987. Over the past 35 years, the company has been concentrating and focusing on vertical lathe and special-purpose vertical lathe machine tools. “With around 200 employees, Honor Seiki is the most professional, leading brand machine tool provider which has international quality certificates and a good reputation in the fields of CNC Vertical Lathe and Turnkey solutions in Taiwan and globally,” adds Chen. “We offer various high-performance solutions for customers in many industries, from windmills to aerospace, precision bearings, valves, and, of course, the automotive industries.”

Staying ahead of competition

The company has built up more than 35 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing advanced machine tools. “30 of our 200 employees are in R&D and that helps us keep an edge over the competitors. Our efficiency, precision, and quality are easily as good as similar models made by Italian competitors, but with a far better price-performance ratio,” asserts Chen. “We are developing new technology for lean manufacturing, intelligent 4.0 and carbon neutral solutions with customers for mutual Win-Win results. To reach this goal, it means that we have to study our customers’ industry trends and analyze in advance what we should do and do it.”

Elaborating on precise and reliable quality, he says: “Not only the spindle but also over 95 percent of the critical components are self-designed, self-manufactured, and self-inspection. The comprehensive know-how developed and completed in-house ensures a precise and reliable quality. Our quality system is in compliance with international quality standards and is certified by ISO, which adds credibility to our product and demonstrates our commitment to uncompromising quality.”

 VL-100CA for Aerospace  02-1 VL-46A for brake disk

Reaching out to customers

Speaking on the biggest profit generators and the industries that the company caters to, Chen points out, “As previously said, we have a diverse customer base, ranging from traditional industries to advanced technology sectors. We excel in aerospace power units, space shuttle noses, slewing bearing(s) for wind turbines, car industries, mining, construction, high-speed rail, electronics, electrical, petro-chemical industries, and other areas as well. It’s hard to define which industry is mainly our profit generator. It’s average for us. But looking at the economic trend, we have to say wind energy and aerospace will be the focus for the coming year.”

On meeting the changing requirements of the aerospace sector globally, he opines, “Being together with customers, we need to develop technology for future industry trends like lean manufacturing, intelligent 4.0, and carbon neutrality. Our vision is to be the most innovative and leading vertical lathe solution provider in the entire global market.”

Joseph Chen, VP, Honor Seiki Co Ltd

Honor Seiki has a worldwide sales network presence in advanced countries such as the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and the Czech Republic. The emerging markets, such as China, Russia, Central and South America, India, and the Asia-Pacific, are now our priority markets. He further adds, “Most of Honor's customers are foreign companies around the world.”

Some of its major international customers include Metso, Thyssenkrupp, and Winhere. In India, the company is represented by Intelmac Machine Tools Pvt Ltd and Phillips Machine Tools India Pvt Ltd. AMTEK, Rothe Erde India, and Timken Engineering Research India are among its clients

Leveraging the Indian market

Foreseeing the opportunities in the Indian auto market, especially in the electric vehicle segment, Chen says, “We’re proud to say we’re ready. The EV market is a blooming market. Lightweight workpiece, new material, all could emphasize Honor capabilities to help customers speed up their production and improve cycle time for better performance.”

Stating that the company has rich experience in the Automobile industry, he elaborates, “We’re a subsidiary of TTG Group. Customers could have a one-stop solution from TTG Group. Our Group can offer standard machines + full options + integration and intelligence to increase customers’ productivity. Through TTG Group, we provide comprehensive total solutions for the automotive industry. For example: Alloy Wheels systems-Tongtai, Braking system-Honor, Battery Pocket-PCI/ANGER, and Mold of bumpers/Large automotive components-APEC.”

Automotive Application

Strength to augment growth

“One of our strengths is customized to achieve customers’ expectations no matter the OEM or AM market. Our mission is to help customers to create profit and maximise their productivity,” states Chen.

“As long as customers provide workpiece drawings and the volume of mass production, Honor Seiki prides itself on providing maximum customer satisfaction from planning, design, manufacturing process analysis, cycle time, jig, fixture design, tool configuration, and turn-key engineering to product completion. He concludes by saying, “This ability will certainly help us to reach the major players in the Indian Automotive market.”

Image Source: Honor Seiki Co Ltd

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