Formlabs Introduced Revolutionary Form 4 3D Printing Solution

Caption: L-R: Payal Doshi, Channel Marketing Manager, South Asia and SEA, FormLabs, Dr Hari Prabhu, APAC Dental Application Expert, Dr Aniruddha Nene, Aesthetix Dental Clinic , Dr Deepak Ghodekar, Omkar Dental Clinic, Amod Satarkar, Business Head, Imaginarium India Pvt Ltd and Ramnish Sharma, Country Head, Formlabs India at the event.

Pune, India – Formlabs, an innovative company in the field of 3D printing materials and hardware, held a press conference today (May 15, 2024) to commemorate the launch of its new product, Form 4, a 4th generation desktop resin 3D printer. Form 4 improves work efficiency and productivity with upgraded printing quality, ease of use, and economic efficiency. This meeting was held in Pune, and Formlabs and Imaginarium officials attended and conducted a demonstration of Form 4, a 3D printer aimed at improving productivity and shortening time to market in the healthcare field.

Form 4 sets a new standard for additive manufacturing through Formlabs’ proprietary new Low Force Display™ (LFD) printer engine, an industry-leading enhanced materials library, a new automated post-processing system, and an intuitive user experience. Depending on the material, products can be printed at a speed that is at least 2 to 5 times faster than Form 3+, enabling repetitive prototype production or batch production using mSLA (stereolithography) technology. With a vertical print speed of up to 100 mm per hour, most products can be produced within 2 hours and small parts within a few minutes.

It is also reliable and economical. Long-lasting material tanks (over 75,000 layers) and light processing units (over 1 million layers), 40 percent lower resin costs, 30 percent larger print volumes, and 3.5x higher throughput save up to 40 percent in cost per part. It boasts the industry’s highest print success rate thanks to its precision heating, force detection, and foreign object detection functions. 

Formlabs leverages the Form 4 ecosystem in its materials library to include four newly reformulated general-purpose resins that print 2-5 times faster than Form 3, a fast model resin for rapid prototyping and orthodontic model making and an accurate dental resin. Six new resins have been added, including precision models that can be made into models. In addition, Form 4 has been validated for use with more than 17 other performance materials from Formlabs’ materials library, and new materials will be added regularly. Foam 4B is compatible with 15 additional biocompatible materials, supporting innovation in the dental and medical industries.

Ramnish Sharma, Formlabs, said, “Based on our strengths and insights gained from manufacturing more than 130,000 printers and 300 million parts, we are pleased to be able to demonstrate Form 4, the best SLA printer on the market, in India. It is very meaningful.”

“If Formlabs set a new standard for the desktop SLA 3D printer category and 3D printing accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and economics more than 10 years ago, the stability and new level of speed of Form 4 are the first in India,” he continued. “It will transform the way our customers create and develop new products across all industries.”

Image Source: Formlabs

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