Being Future-Ready

With its firm footing in the present and a keen eye on the future, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation rightfully occupies its current leadership position in the metal cutting space. Equipped with the ability to gauge customers’ evolved demands in the times to come, the Group invests itself in preparing for the future, innovating ceaselessly to offer cutting edge solutions.

MMC Hardmetal India Pvt Ltd has today earned itself the repute of being one of the top five metal cutting solution providers in the highly competitive Indian market. “It has been an encouraging journey,” says Prashant Sardeshmukh, Vice President & Director, MMC Hardmetal India Pvt Ltd, as he proudly reminisces the crossing of milestones on the way.

In 2006, the company commenced its Indian operations with Bangalore as its headquarters. The idea, however, had its roots six years prior that and the activities were handled from Singapore during the period. “It was a humble beginning with two distributors. We kept taking baby steps that soon transitioned to big, rapid strides, evident from our growth rate. In just a decade, we have become a strong team of 100,” he adds.

Going Strong

With its regional sales offices at Pune, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad and Chennai, the company has established a strategic base to have quick access to any part of Indian market. It has also extended its reach to overseas markets including the UAE, Iran, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In this backdrop Sardeshmukh adds, “We export special tools manufactured at our Aurangabad plant to Singapore and Japan.”

“Plans are underway to develop a state-of-the-art Technical Center at Pune,” he reveals. In order to support the Indian market with better supplies in quick lead time, MMC Hardmetal India has also started its ultra-modern manufacturing facility at Aurangabad. “This is one of the most sophisticated set-ups of Mitsubishi. Here, we have young and talented team, groomed under Japanese quality culture. We are manufacturing special tools, customized tooling solutions, end-mills and cutters with special requirement etc. This has given us enormous advantage, as we are now able to cater special and critical requirements of our customers with minimal lead time,” he adds.

All Sectors Count

Of all the industrial segments MMC India caters to, Sardeshmukh cites the Automobile Industry as the company’s maximum revenue generator. “It has been the major driving market for us, accounting for little over 50 percent of our revenue share,” he shares.
Elaborating on the company’s customized solutions, he states, “We have one of the largest MTB and Projects Team which enable us to offer smart and customized solutions to our esteemed customers. The share of Project Orders in our total business is increasing rapidly year on year.”

Prepared for the Future

Mitsubishi Materials’ slogan ‘Drive the Future’ is indicative of its focus on the future trends and it also speaks about its leadership position as far as metal cutting solutions are concerned. “It has become our philosophy and has definitely given us an added edge in the market in terms of innovating solutions which the industry will need in future. We are working hand-in-hand with various machine makers to develop future-ready solutions,” says Sardeshmukh.

The company’s product brand ‘DIAEDGE’ is in complete alignment with its slogan. “Our products carry this brand with pride because it comes with a glorious pedigree of Japanese Quality Culture. ‘DIAEDGE’ (Diamond + Edge) represents high product quality with cutting edge technologies of Mitsubishi. Through ‘DIAEDGE’ brand, we promise to become the only ‘Global Craftsman Studio’ in the world for our customers to share our excitement,” he adds.

R&D to Innovate

The company has the Central Research Institute consisting of 11 Research Departments at its headquarters in Japan which interact closely with its Business Departments. “This gives solid foundation to our innovations in metal cutting industry,”
notes Sardeshmukh.

He further adds, “We have close ties with our Business Strategy Departments and Individual Marketing Departments and always interact in order to conduct technology exchanges with customers. We participate in trade shows as a part of our proactive developmental activities. And we also dedicate good amount of efforts and innovations on processing and recycling technologies.”

Being there for the Customer

Mitsubishi Materials’ Machining Technology Center is a highly effective medium for the company to reach out to its customers with its latest technologies. “It is one of our best windows that is constantly open for our customers. It works out highly effective and smart solutions that customers may need during cutting. Various suggestions are offered in areas like test cutting, training courses, process improvement proposals and production line diagnoses,” explains Sardeshmukh.

“For Cutting Test, we carry out examination in association with chip control, tool life, machining time reduction and so on based on the customers’ theme. As regards Production Line Diagnoses, our technical staff identifies the pain areas in the customers’ overall production line and individual process and works out the best solution for productivity improvement,” he continues.

The company proposes most suitable cutting tools and conditions which address the customers’ most critical needs. It uses CAD-CAM and CAE for machining simulation to visualize the most suitable cutting processes for its customers’ productivity improvement. “In addition to this, we have domestic toll-free telephone technical counseling service that facilitates direct advice from our cutting tool experts,” he informs.

Being at IMTEX 2019

MMC India is all set to be part of the upcoming IMTEX. Speaking on which Sardeshmukh notes, “We will be showcasing latest products such as WJX, WSX445, FMAX and VPX Milling Cutters; a new range of Solid Carbide Drills for centering, chamfering and counter boring; CVD Diamond Coated Endmills for Graphite machining; GW Series Cutting Off and Grooving System at the show.”

“IMTEX has always been a big carnival for Indian entrepreneurs. It is an excellent opportunity to display our world-class products and reach out to thousands of visitors.”

Prashant Sardeshmukh, Vice President & Director

MMC Hardmetal India Pvt Ltd


The Auto-mobile industry accounts for little over 50 percent of the company’s revenue share. Other sectors like Die & Mould, Energy, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Railways and Medical Engineering also have their encouraging contribution to it.

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