Taiwan Machine Tool Innovation Boost Automotive Industry

 Taipei, Taiwan – Recently BOFT (Bureau of Foreign Trade) Taiwan, and TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) hosted the ‘Taiwan Excellence Smart Machine Tools for Automotive Manufacturing Online Products and Solutions Launch’ webinar.

During the opening session Simon Wang, Executive Vice President, TAITRA said that the economy froze in the first half of the year due to the pandemic leaving a deep impact on the world’s industries. Hence, manufacturers now focus on increasing imports of advanced technologies to respond any crisis in the future. He added, “Since the global economics start to arise, we believe that automotive manufacturing and machine tools industry will be recovered soon.”

Additionally, he introduced the 'Online Pavilion Anti-COVID-19,' a portal sharing the experiences and knowledge in Taiwan's fight against the pandemic. The website hosts medical products and effective solutions to combat the pandemic.

The virtual event featured four leading Taiwan machine tools manufacturers to share their thoughts on advanced smart manufacturing techniques by highlighting Industry 4.0 and automation solutions of their respective companies that meet the demands of modern automobile manufacturing. Alongside ‘Taiwan Excellence Smart Machinery Virtual Pavilion’ was introduced for facilitating the buyers to access up-to-date information on equipment and facilities for automotive and parts manufacturing.

Simon Wang, Executive Vice President, TAITRA(middle) and company representatives of Tongtai, YDPM (left 1 &2), SEYI and Jainnher (right 1&2)

SHIEH YIH Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (SEYI)

One of the largest servo press makers in Taiwan, presented ‘The Best Forming Choice for High-Tensile Steel-Hot Stamping Application for Auto Parts’. It introduced the applications of servo presses for medium and large lightweight auto parts manufacturing, which comply with the trend and application of steel parts with light weight and high tensile strength for the modern automotive industry and effectively enhance the structure of automobiles.

Elaborating on the importance of servo press for hot stamping application, Jack Chen, Director, Sales Departement, SEYI explained, “Servo press is a mechanical transmission design, the hammer downstroke and upper stroke speed is much faster than conventional hydraulic press. Servo press takes only 1.5 seconds to reach button dead center but hydraulic press takes 4.5 seconds the total cycle time of a servo press is a 5 second faster than conventional hydraulic press, servo press increase up to 30 percent higher production rate.”

Jainnher Machine Co., Ltd. (JAINNHER)

Grinding machines manufacturer specializing in different grinding machines introduced all kinds of solutions for key engine and gearbox parts, such as gears, shafts, bearings, etc., addressed ‘Automotive Parts Application in Grinding Machine’. The company looks forward to improve the precision of the parts and the efficiency of product lines through its digital control and shock absorbing techniques. 

“Many kinds of engine parts such as shafts, gears pumps, and brushes, which all need different kinds of grinder for the high precision manufacturing process, as well as for some gears or bearings that require great precision in the internal diameter, use our internal grinder,” elaborated Herbert Qiu, Sales Engineer, Jainnher.  He added, “Also some gears and bearings with both external and internal diameter have specific precision requirements, so we have the double spindle grinder which can process internal and external grinding in just one machine, except for the engine system there are many parts which need to be grinded in automotive transmission.”

YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (YDPM)

The company presented its Smart Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing to achieve high efficiency, precision, and flexibility. Its lathe machines and machining centres facilitate the auto makers manufacture many kinds of high-quality automotive parts.

Stressing on the advantages of MH-630 Plus horizontal machining centres with value added options of Hydraulic Auto Clamping and Customisable Pallet Tool, Allen Pai, Senior Sales Manager, YDPM said, “Especially two ball screw and two servo motor driven on not only X-axis but also in Z-axis. Some customers may want the option of auto clamping for layer workpiece so one can choose the auto over manual. The Japanese customers prefers this function.”

Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd. (TONGTAI)

Member of TTGroup presented solutions on Smart Manufacturing from Tongtai. Its intelligent manufacturing solution combines various applications and uses multi-axis machines to make the production line more compact and efficient. Its solutions help automotive makers handle production resources more easily.

According to Tony Huang, Assistant Manager, Tongtai the smart manufacturing line that the company makes for scooter crankcase machining is capacitated to flexibly produce six variety of parts on the same line. It is not only for part machining but also includes part cleaning, online inspection, and huge storage system for fixtures.

Quoting an example of how Industry 4.0 can make production line smart and efficient especially during change in market demand, he asserted that by implementing Multi-tasking machine, Machine tool Intelligence, Automation, and Machine monitoring one can achieve higher productivity.

Wrap up

TAITRA will host TIMTOS 2021 from March 15-20 accompanied with Taiwan Excellence events, which will feature the latest smart manufacturing solutions with innovative automation and industry 4.0 concepts for global buyers.

Image Source: TAITRA

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